Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Copenhagen, July 2007

Second in my batch of forgotten travel photos are some shots from my day in Copenhagen in Denmark in July 2007. I spent a couple of weeks cruising around Scandinavia, so got to spend a day in quite a few amazing cities.
I must take a second to apologise that these photos are not up to the usual standard you have hopefully come to expect for me and my blog, 4 years is a very long time, and I'm glad to say that my photography skills have come a very long way in that time! 
This statue is the reason I'm posting the rest of the less than brilliant photos from the rest of my day in the city, I just had to show it to you - the symbol of Copenhagen, The Little Mermaid. She sits in the port, looking out to sea in a tribute to and reminder of Copenhagen's most famous writer, Hans Christian Anderson. 
I really loved the cities architecture, and how green it was. Apparently they pay sky high taxes there, but no one minds too much as the streets are so clean, safe and their public services like health and education are world class.
PICT0162-01 PICT0184-02 
This ship we saw in the museum that  housed the royal collection is made entirely out of very, very fine and intricately carved ivory - so amazing!
I seem to remember that all of the Danish crown jewels were absolutely beautiful, and quite a sight to behold!
Have any of you ever been to Copenhagen?


  1. I love Copenhagen. I spent a few days there in Summer 2009 when I was inter railing, it's such a gorgeous and friendly city. I definitely want to go back

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  2. Amazing photos, Copenhagen is a gorgeous city, it embodies Denmark so perfectly :)

  3. It looks very pretty there :) x

  4. I love your travel pics so much. Always provides me with a few moments of escapism! x

  5. I adore finding old holiday photos again, and watching you talk about your travels is reminding me of why I'm so excited about this year :)

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. I have a friend in Copenhagen, so have been meaning to go. It looks like a lovely city.

  7. Yes! I've been three times and I'm totally in love with that city!
    it's so stylish and charming!! xxx

  8. Lovely photos! I went to Copenhagen a few years ago with my mum and I loved it there.

    I find it a tad funny that the Little Mermaid statue is so iconic of Copenhagen, but has been blown up and defaced so many times because so many of the locals hate it! I read that most of the attempts to destroy it have not been political, but because they think it's bad art!

  9. Wow that crown! Amazing! xo

  10. AWwwwwwwwwww....Copenhagen is my home town!!!=D I was all smiles when i saw you made a travel blog post about DK:) I'm actually not living there now but i do miss it tons, esp the food and people watching (love their fashion style there),hehehe....

    Did u enjoy your time there? I hope so!


  11. Omg! I would love to travel there! I love all of the photos, especially that one of the crown and that ship!

  12. So pretty! My parents have actually just made the long journey from Australia to Copenhagen yesterday so I am eager to see what they think of it.