Monday, 29 August 2011

Currently Reading: Blogger Edition #1

As I'm currently away enjoying myself in France, I thought I'd share 10 of the bloggers who I've really been enjoying at the moment - new reads and some old favourites too!
1. Alix at I Covet Thee

Alix's blog is one of my newest favourites, a lovely mix of outfit posts, product reviews and weekly roundups. Her layout is fantastic, and her photos are so clear. She's only been blogging since March, I can't wait to see what she does next!
2. Doinac at Golden Diamonds

Aside from her fantastic styling and striking looks, Doniac's main ambitions are to develop the fashion industry in Moldova and become a politician - a girl after my own heart then! Her blog is truly international street style at its best. 

From as much of her personalty that comes over in her blog, Alice reminds me of a fantastic mix of my best friend and I. I was hooked from the first post of hers I read when she was professing her love for Mountain Dew. Her blog is quirky and fun, and a very refreshing alternative from the usual bloggers domain. 
_DSC0472 4. Kristina at KAYTURE

Kristina's photos are simply beautiful, and the combination of her fantastic taste in clothes, her model looks (she's in the running for Miss Switzerland) and her super talented photographer boyfriend takes on their travels makes for a breathtaking and inspiring style blog!

5. Susie at Takeout In Couture

I love the colourful themed mood boards Susie posts, as well as her street style photos that always have a whimsical quality to them (though the above picture is one of mine, not Susie's!) It also does not hurt that she has a wonderful but simple style, and looks beautiful in almost every single photo ever taken of her. 
dsc0055zv 6. Sarah at Temporary:Secretary 

Sarah's blog has recently been going from strength to strength. She's been taking more and more fantastic outfit photos, and all of her pictures are so bright and full of colour. Her Look Show entry makes for a fantastic showcase of just how talents she is. 
omg 7. Gala at Gala Darling

Gala's blog has always been one of my favourites, the first blog I ever read and the reason I started blogging in the first place. I love her bright and quirky outfit posts, her lovely tips to making your life much happier, and her wonderful takes of her New York adventures, as well as her sojourns with the one and only Betsy Johnson herself!
2 8. Jenny at Jenny From The Block

Jenny's outfit posts from sunny California make me wish I was back there again. She embodies that classic and laid back West Coast style, but brings her own individual edge, which along with her beautiful photographs make her blog a must read. (She also posts fun things like behind the scenes photos from photo shoots too!)
a466345a 9. Emma from Milkteef

I love Emma's cute outfit posts, as well as the many wonderful snapshots of her every day life and blogger events she attends. If you love having a snoop at other peoples wish lists and purchases, Emma's blog is for you!
8 10. Michelle from Daisybutter

Last but not least, I love Michelle's sweet layout and her wonderful snapshot posts, including her insightful week in photos and her wonderful how to wear info graphic posts that will solve all of your wardrobe dilemmas! 

Who's blogs have you been enjoying at the moment?


  1. This is so fantastic I'm checking everyone out, thanks for the recommendations! xo

  2. Oooh, you have me all inspired! I might have to write a post like this myself, too - and I'll make sure to check out your recommendations! I have spring break coming up, and I'll be stuck in Canberra alone for a week and a half, so I need some good reading material to get me through! :)

  3. I haven't read a lot of these, thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks for sharing these! x my most fave blog forever of all time would have to be 'but does it float' i think- if i'm not mistaken, is run by an art enthusiast and teacher from LA. it is the only blog i know full of unprecedented art + inspirations that will never cease to amaze. please, when you have time:


  5. Love your list and the little blurbs about each girl. Love their photos, gonna check out all their blogs.

  6. Yay! I can't wait to check out all of these blogs. I love discovering new ones.

  7. Thanks for the links :) I love hearing about favourite blogs!

    Temporary Secretary and Daisybutter are two of my favourites xx

  8. Off to check out the ones I don't know now! Thanks for sharing :)

    And I have to say I love Gala too... she is coming to NZFW this week so I am crossing all my fingers and toes that I will meet her!

  9. such a lovely idea, rachel! what a lovely bunch of ladies xx

  10. Love them all and have followed the ones that I wasn't already :) x

  11. Thanks so much for including me, Rachel! And wow! I'm in such good company! Hope we can catch up soon! xoxoxo

  12. I had not heard of 8 of these! Off to discover some new blogs. And I love Susie's blog too!


  13. THANK YOU so much for including me in this, Rachel. Such a lovely surprise to go on a blog i read every day only to see my face on it. My picture looks so amateur compared to the other girls. Very "in my back garden" style! *cringing*

    I'll retweet this a few time during the week, hope you've had a fantastic bank holiday weekend xxxx

  14. thanks for the great links! there are loads of blogs here i've never even heard of! can't wait to start reading :)


  15. Thanks! I found couple favorites from these as well! :)

  16. So strange to click onto your blog and have my face pop up! Ha. Thanks so much for the mention (again!), I really do appreciate every lovely new reader that I've gained thanks to you, and among such good company on this list too, ahh! xx

  17. thanks for sharing! I found a few I really like and will definitely be following :)

    and to answer your question, I'm loving fashiontoast at the moment!


  18. Can't believe I never saw this post - thank you for mentioning me, I'm really glad you like my blog! :) And I'm surprised you think I have any kind of personality haha, I always think I come across so dull in it :') x

    PS: not gonna lie, I commented this on completely the wrong post first haha

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  20. Love your list and the little blurbs about each girl. Love their photos, gonna check out all their blogs.