Thursday, 11 August 2011

Introducing: Curiosity, Camden

Today I thought I'd introduce you all to what I think must be one of the most fascinating shops in Camden Locks in London - Curiosity. It is essentially an old fashioned curiosity/ antique/ vintage shop where everything has a story. I think the best way to describe it would be a cross between a museum and the most awesome car boot sale you've ever been to!
I have a feeling that I might have wondered in there once before, the first time I ever visited Camden, but this time we were given a lovely little guided tour around the shop. 
Each little part of the shop is carefully curated and holds a theme: this is the 'British' area. The displays are changing every day as key elements get sold off. 
I just want to take a moment to thank Beverly, on the left, for taking the time to show us around the shop and tell us all the amazing and fantastic stories about all the different things in it!
They had all these amazing vintage portraits stuck all over the counter. Apparently, people kept asking who these women were, so the women who worked in the shop gave them all names.
I was enchanted by this display of vintage cameras - the only thing that managed to keep me away from them was the thought that I have not actually got around to using my latest vintage camera acquisition yet! 
They sell lots of old costume jewellery, but they also sell necklaces in store made out of little curiosities from the shop. 
They are also starting to make upcycled tote bags with dolls on them. 
They named these 'celebrity dolls', each one named after a celebrity they thought the doll looked like - some of them are really funny!
Ever wondered where you can buy old and vintage pub beer mats? 
This is something I really, really regret not purchasing. If I had had time to go back for it that weekend I would have done. I don't know what animal it was from, but this vintage fur was only £10 and very very soft. It also matched my hair colour. Please ignore the plastic mannequin that in this photo appears to be kicking me in the head! 

Has anyone else been to Curiosity in Camden? (Make sure you check out their Facebook page!) Are there any other places like this I should know about?


  1. This looks incredible, I would love to visit! xo That fur really is the same color of your hair haha I didn't even notice it wasn't until I looked again!

  2. Wow I'd love to visit this place xx

  3. This looks amazing, I reckon I could spend hours in there! x

  4. Oh goodness, it looks amazing! I love shops that are slightly cluttered; they make it more fun when you find something spectacular! And the cat section is truly divine! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  5. This place looks amazing, I love the variety of things they have in there! Especially the cat figurines.

  6. Woooow I love places like this. Next time I´m in London I´ve gotta go see it:) x

  7. I live in London and never been to Curiosity and will definelty go...maybe this weekend! Thanks for posting this!!! :-)

  8. I'll have to give it a try.
    Looking beautiful, as always! xx

  9. trust you to find a cute little place like this! how lovely :) xx

  10. Ah, I love Camden, I'll make sure that I find this place next time I go down, I pop down there quite often as only live 3 stops away x

  11. That place looks magical, so much old gems in there I could spend hours just fiddling through it all! Thanks for reccomending it!

  12. love these photos :) I have paid for the ad now :) x

  13. I love the look of this place, right up my alley! I'm putting it straight into my holiday bookmarks folder for when I come and visit in a few months.

    Thanks for the tip!


  14. wow such an interesting place to visit! I want to find more places like those D:

  15. i remember that place sooo cool!!
    thanks for sharing

  16. Ooooh, I love little boutique stores. They're always my favorite. It's not so much the buying that thrills me, as it is the seeking. So much fun :)

  17. one time i was there and it was amazing <3

  18. What an amazing shop! I wish we had something like that here. We did have a gorgeous vintage shop run by a fashion design student, which was so amazing but it shut down. It's so sad for these little independent shops in this economic climate :( The dolls are a bit freaky though!! xx

  19. The kind of shop you could spend hours in!xx

  20. That place looks amazing. I love all of London's hidden treaures. There are some really adorable shops hidden away in Islington as well.

  21. Sherin: You'll have to take me!

  22. this place looks marvelous! curiosity seems to have everything. I like the collection of vintage cameras and I really hope I get the chance to go in sometime soon!

  23. This looks like the most amazing store! I wish it wasn't so far away.

  24. what an amazing store!

  25. Wow, what a fun spot! I'd love to check it out one day.

  26. This is a wonderful place. We visited on Sunday 21 October and mentioned we were looking for "wooden cats". In seconds, we were presented with fifteen and charged an absolute bargain price. We were so pleased. We want wooden cats as we are constructing a Catio in our garden. What lovely people. We are going to send them a photo of the Catio when it is finished. (Will it ever be finished? There seems to be so many wooden cats out there in the far blue yonder and they all deserve a place on our Catio.) There is so much treasure in this shop and such a friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend "Curiosity"!

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