Saturday, 13 August 2011

Introducing: The High Tea Cast

A couple of days ago I was talking to my best friend about podcasts. He'd just crashed his computer trying to download too many of them from iTunes at once, and it got me wondering why I don't listen to or watch them anymore, because I used to be really into them - I almost cried when my all time favourite, 'This Is A Knife' got cancelled (look it up, you won't regret it!) I knew I had some time to kill the next day on the train to London (I think the high speed tickets cost way too much so I go on the slow train to save money) so I headed over to iTunes for a bit of a browse for something to listen to. 

The next day I was trying not to embarrass myself like an idiot by laughing out loud while sitting all by myself in the middle of a train carriage: I had discovered the first ever episode of The High Tea Cast (clicking the like will take you to their wonderful blog!)

The High Tea Cast is a chat show, hosted by two wonderful London ladies called Sam and Lea. They are both very, very funny and drink lots of tea and cake. They are both seasoned podcasters, having met by accident on another podcast, the idea for The High Tea Cast was born.

So, what exactly did these two hilarious ladies chat about? Embarrassing moments, both in general and in relation to meeting celebrities. Everyone loves to hear about people embarrassing themselves, as long as its not you with the egg on your face! They also had a very lively discussion discussion about Catlin Moran's latest book How To Be A Woman which made me want to go grab a copy to read that instant, and left me wondering why I had not before, Catlin being one of my all time favourite newspaper columnists and everything... the only reason I did not grab a copy as I walked past it in Selfridges is because they will be giving away a copy to one of their Twitter or Facebook followers - so get subscribing!

One of the highlights of the podcast for me has to be the second half of their interview with A Winter Road, a two man film production company, who describe exactly how hard it is to get permission to make a film on the London Underground.

A special mention has to go to their news reader, Simon Button (click for his blog too, well worth the read!) who's hysterical rant on the subject of the News of The World phone hacking scandal reminded me a lot of David Mitchell's segment on Channel 4's 10 o'Clock Live - why did they have to cancel that show? I'm really looking forward to his segment in the next episode - comment on the London riots methinks? (Though, he is to blame for my burn finger. I finished listening to the podcast while  was doing the ironing.)

Watch this space for an interview with the girls, and in the meanwhile make sure you download the first episode of The High Tea Cast from iTunes (its free!) and follow the girls on Facebook and Twitter! If you have any suggestions for what I should ask the girls, let me know in the comments!


  1. Based on the title alone, I will definitely be having a listen - they sound like ladies after my own heart! (:

  2. I'm downloading it as we speak! It sounds really funny, and anything that has a segment with some-one like David Mitchell sounds good to me, definitely a shame that 10 o'Clock Live was cancelled! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  3. wow this sounds really really interesting :-)

  4. Thank you so much darling! We're really pleased you like it :)

    If anyone is having a first listen please tell us what you think, we'd love feedback. Our next four episodes are very much in the works ;)

    Looking forward to a Rachel Phipps interview very soon...

    Lea and Sam xxx

  5. Glad you liked my little bit on the podcast. Being compared to David Mitchell is very high praise to me, especially as his style is something I admire. And yes, 10 o'clock live was excellent viewing and I really hope they bring it back!

  6. This sounds great - I need to branch out from my Scott Mills and Take That podcasts!

  7. Sounds amazing! I've never got into podcasts at all, but this is making me think that I should.