Saturday, 13 August 2011

Paris, March 2010

I absolutely love to travel, and over the last few years I've been to some pretty amazing places. At one point I need to go back and travel around Italy again (hopefully next summer) because the laptop and the hard drive with both copies of my photos on died. I also thought I had lost another large batch of travel photos I had stored on a hard drive, but the other day when I was looking for a spare Mac Book charger I found the offending drive and everything that was on it! So, enjoy my photos from Paris last year, and look forward to some snapshots from Tallin (Estonia), St Petersburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki! 
I only went over for a day last year to visit some galleries as part of my History of Art course, but while I was there I totally fell in love with the atmosphere of this beautiful city and its architecture. I was supposed to go back this summer but never got the chance - apart from Los Angeles, Paris is top of the cities I want to visit next time I go traveling. 
For a day looking around Parisian art galleries, obviously my first stop was the Louvre with its iconic glass pyramid entrance.
DSC_0011 DSC_0101
It was amazing to watch the artists and art students dotted around the gallery almost perfectly replicating the works of the great masters.
DSC_0066 DSC_0073 DSC_0001 We took the underground everywhere, and compared to the London and Athens networks (the only others in Europe I've used before) it was very, very confusing!
DSC_0006 DSC_0007
DSC_0137 Like London, Paris has some very beautiful parks in the city centre. These little boats were to hire to sail around the park pond.
DSC_0156 DSC_0147 Another iconic place in Paris are where lovers attach padlocks to the railings by the river to symbolise their love and commitment to each other, then throw the key away into the water.

Have any of you been to Paris? Is there anywhere you'd recommend for my next visit? 


  1. Paris is definitely up there among my favourite cities (of course!), I love spending days strolling around without really any specific plans and seeing where you end up. Looking forward to your posts on all the other cities xxx

  2. Never been to PAris but I definetly want to go! Where about have you been in Italy? I am from Italy! Take care and have a fab weekend! x

  3. Next time you come to Paris I'll show you my favorite spots and I'll take you to Angelina ! beautiful pictures by the way

  4. Amazing photos, seeing them has made me want to go back to Paris, absolutely adore the city :)

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  6. I've been to Paris about four years ago. It was my first travel to this wonderful city. Paris fascinated me! It's probably one of the most beautfiul and amazing cities ever. If I were you, I would defitnetly visit the triumphal arch and the Champs Elysées! And didn't you seen the Eiffel Tower ? Look for it! :)

  7. Another Diamond Day: I've been to Rome, Pompeii, and some other places I can't remember the names of - I was on an Italian cruise!

    Candice: Yay! I'm probably going to be able to afford to go to Paris before I can afford to go to LA, so hopefully I'll come over sometime next year!

    Finja: No, as I said, it was a working trip to see art galleries, but I know I must go see the tower!

  8. Paris is one of those places I've always wanted to go to, and these pictures are reaffirming my want! That gallery looks beautiful! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  9. fab pics!

    xx K&M

  10. Ahh Paris, I've been about 5 times but I never tire of it. Just a beautiful, dirty, hulking city. I love it!

  11. I loved Paris! the padlock bridge is so cute!
    apart from the guy said they get so many padlocks they have to cut a load off when it gets too much!! haha kinda spoiled the magic for me..

  12. I love Paris. These padlocks are so lovely!

  13. Hey there, Rachel!
    First of all, just let me tell that you have become my favourite blogger! I absolutely love all your posts! :P

    Second of all, I've 'just' come back from my trip to Paris a few weeks ago and have written all about it on my blog. I had mixed feelings about it, but enjoyed my trip nonetheless!


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  15. We are totally in love with Paris!! If your wanna know something about the most particular place in Paris... ask us. Wonderfull pics!! xx.

  16. These pictures are so gorgeous, I literally just turned to my boyfriend and said we NEED to go to Paris! xo

  17. Audrey Hepburn said "Paris is always a good idea" and she was so right. I can't count the number of times I went there but I always enjoyed it :) It's not just nice architecture, atmosphere or food, it's also a way of life. I love it!

  18. Looks awesome!!


  19. i love paris, seeing your photos makes me realize how much I miss it!

    Travel in Style

  20. thanks for dropping by and leaving me a bday msg. Love these photos- they make me long for Paris.

    hope you're having a great weekend.
    Dena x

  21. Argh I'm so jealous of your travels! Being from New Zealand it is really expensive to go anywhere cause Europe is so far away! One day I hope I can afford to make it there.

  22. I love the bridges in Paris - the same tradition with padlocks has come about in Ljubljana, Slovenia lately, too - my friends and I have one on the Butchers' Bridge there.

    The saddest thing, though, is that in Paris people are actually employed to cut padlocks off because too many of them are around. It's heart-wrenching!

  23. I really want to travel at some point but I wouldn't know where to start, there are so many places I want to go!!

    Maria xxx

  24. Hey
    Even if I don't really like Paris(I don't feel really comfortable there :/) I think this photos are really great and beautiful ! Paris is BEAUTIFUL
    Big Kiss

  25. Ah c'est "chez moi" :)

    Joli blog !!!


  26. i remember seeing this in San Fran. my friend started taking pictures of padlocks and i didn't have a clue what she was doing until she explained the situation to me. it's so romantic

  27. You can try to see "La mosquée de Paris",this is not so famous by the tourists but this is simply amazing :)

    And if you want to have a sight of the roofs of Paris (for free!) there are two ways : try to go the shopping centre "Le printemps" and go to the top! Otherwise, you can also try to go the top of "the institute of the arabic world" for free... and just enjoy !