Monday, 19 September 2011

Look Lounge: Westfield Stratford City

This afternoon I hopped on the tube and took the Central line across to Westfield Stratford City - the largest shopping mall in Europe that opened last week. It was absolutly packed, (and they have practically everything there from shops to supermarkets to banks and cinemas) and though I enjoyed being able to explore anothe Forever 21 location and shopping in a Primark as big as the one on Oxford Street but not as crowded, my real reason for being there was to attend a Q&A that was being held by Sophie Beresiner who is Look's Beauty Editor. Sorry that the colour is a bit dodgy on my photos, I did the best I could in Photoshop but I think my new camera lens is acting up...
I was wowed by the amazing layout and interior of the lounge the moment I stepped into it. Its a shame it is not a permeant bloggers lounge at Stratford really, I would practically live in there!
Sophie was talking about her job as beauty editor, which was really interesting, especially for me as a beauty blogger, but mostly about her two blogs, I Love Lipstick and Sophie Feels Better. While I Love Lipstick is your average beauty blog of what Sophie really loves that comes across her desk, Sophie Feels Better is a beauty blog chartering her battle with Breast Cancer. A cancer blog with a difference. She talks about how to fill your eyebrows so it actually looks like you have eyebrows after chemo, about wearing diffrent wigs, her work with the cancer charity Look Good Feel Better - the whole thing is wonderfully written. Having very recently lost someone very close and dear to me to cancer, her talk was heart wrenching for me, but has left me with so much admiration of all she has done to move the stigma from the diese and still feeling beautiful while you're suffering with it. If you are not already a reader or subscriber, you really MUST check the blog out. 

She also told us a bit about Look's new makeup range she helped develop which is for sale in Superdrug. I went and had a gander at the collection after the Q&A, and I think I'm going back to Superdrug when I visit Westfield on Thursday again to pick up one of the collections double ended lipstick/ lip gloss tubes. 
I loved her All Saints shirt, but I developed a little shoe crush on these beautiful Topshop trainer wedge boot things Sophie was wearing...
In the lounge there was also a TV playing some pretty great hair tutorials from the Look Beauty team - I was watching out of the corner of my eye and I think I managed to pick up some useful tips!

Have any other Londoners (so happy that I can now officially call myself a Londoner!) been to Westfield Stratford City yet? What did you think, and did anyone else manage to catch any of the other events at the Look Lounge? 


  1. Really liked this post and photos are great! :)

  2. Wow, you're so lucky! And it didn't notice the lens acting up, the photos look absolutely wonderful!


  3. Biggest shopping centre in Europe? That sounds awesome! I'll have to visit when I can get to London.

  4. this looks like such a fun and vibrant place. totally in love with the trainer wedge things too xx

  5. I love those trainer wedges! Classy and casual.

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  6. I haven't been yet, it sounds a bit scary and *huge*, but I will have to brave it (I still love my beloved Bluewater though!)

    Hope Uni is going well so far!

  7. I always thought that WSC was only largest in an urban area (not overall) and got confirmation (via email) from The Metro Centre in Gateshead that they are in fact still the largest in Europe overall!

  8. Ah, didnt realise it was you! I was there to, dark pixie crop on the end - luge definitely commented on my blog a few times! Lovely post, he girl is such an inspiration.

    Helen, x

  9. those shoes are amazing! i've been trying to find them everywhere!!