Friday, 28 October 2011

Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards 2011

On Wednesday night I headed across London to SoHo to represent Judging Covers in the Cosmo Blog Awards with fellow reviewer Sarah. 
Cosmos at Cosmopolitan. I tasted one of Sarah's and it was rather strong (though apparently they got watered down a bit as the evening progressed) which made me feel not too fussed about my decision not to drink that evening!
I got very excited by the fact there was a Benefit makeup area. Even though I know almost all of their products (and own most of them too!) I always cannot help but going over to take a look!  The makeup artist tried Benefit's new illuminator/ highlighter 'Watts Up' on me, it looked okay and I think I'd like to go try it out at a counter where I can check it out in the daylight!
Sorry the photo is blurry, but I just had to show you these amazing cupcakes - they also tasted incredible, even if they were a bit sickly and I could only eat half! 
I'm really bad at putting names to faces, but from bloggers I already knew/ people who's blogs I'm a regular reader of in this picture we have  Jazmine, Kristabel, Lyzi & Jen.  I seemed to have missed Carrie and Olivia from the picture as I was squashed in between them!
The event was  sponsored by Stylist Pick, an amazing website I originally heard about on Rose's blog where you fill out a quiz and stylists pick out items that are exactly your style to shop from, and every item is £39.95 from shoes and handbags to jewellery. It was great to have a chat to the girls from the brand and to get to take a look at some of their fantastic collection!
They were way to big for me as they did not have my size, but I tried on these amazing boots - what is it with me and high heeled furry boots?
Anna with her beautifully illustrated 'Best New Beauty Blog' award - she really deserved it and I'm so happy for her! 

Even though Judging Covers did not really get a mention thank you so much to everyone who nominated us! We got some incredible goodie bags at the end of it, so look out for some reviews of some exciting products over on The Glossy Guide!


  1. Looks like a fun event! Cant go wrong with free cupcakes and a night out :) Glad you had fun xx

  2. Looks like such a good night! I was following all the action on twitter : )


  3. Looks like you had a great time :) Would have loved to have joined in but I'm nowhere near being in the superstar blogging rank yet! Everyone looked so beautiful! And those Stylist Pick boots looked great. I got some leopard print flats from them and they are lovely :) x

  4. Wow, looks like you had a great time + it's awesome that you got to meet so many other bloggers! I love Judging Covers, by the way.

  5. Big well done on getting short-listed, that's an achievement in itself :)how fun to party with other bloggers, looked like an amazing night xx

  6. Looks like an amazing night - big congrats for being shortlisted :)
    L x

  7. Congrats on being nominated! It really does look like such a fun evening.

  8. It was great to see you again! Glad you had a fun night.

  9. nice post! looks like soo much fun x

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