Saturday, 29 October 2011

Seasonal Staples: High Street Cashmere Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at Most Wanted (part of to take part in their high street cashmere challenge - different bloggers try and review  100% cashmere jumpers from different high street stores to see how they hold up to our exacting standards! I'm a big cashmere fan, but find that it is so expensive I usually end up purchasing a cashmere blend so I was really excited to get stuck into this challenge!
I reviewed John Lewis's 100% cashmere v neck jumper, and I chose it in this lovely grey/taupe shade called 'Toast' (£69). I chose to wear it with an almost all black outfit (Primark hat, Whistles Skirt & Alphabet Bag) with some dark blue tights to mix it up a bit. That was my outfit for Britain's Next Top Model Live, but I also tested the jumper with the same skirt, black tights, black handbag and without the hat in a totally more sensible environment - visiting a friend at his workplace in the House of Commons. 

Before I review the actual cashmere, lets take a moment to focus on the actual jumper for a moment. I got a size 10, and the fit is absolutely lovely. Just the right length, and the bits round the sleeves do not stretch out if I roll them up (which I always do). As for the actual cashmere, the quality of this jumper is fantastic. It does not bobble too badly (but even the most expensive cashmere does a little bit), is super soft, warm and does not show up sweat marks like some cheaper blends do. I'd be perfectly happy so buy some more John Lewis cashmere.

You can find some fantastic voucher codes to get money off on the John Lewis page of Voucher Codes , and you can see how other bloggers styled their jumpers on the Most Wanted blog!

Where is your favourite place to buy cashmere on the high street?


  1. It looks absolutely fantastic on you and I love that skirt :) x

  2. Love how you put everything together. The colour of that chasmere jumper is lovely. Good to hear it doesn't bobble too much! That is such a pain when it happens to my other jumpers grrr

  3. I love the cashmere jumper. It's perfect style and colour for Autumn. Love how you wore it with the hat as well.

  4. Your outfit looks great,amazing hat. Cashmere is great for winter, so soft and cosy, I love your choice.

  5. John Lewis cashmere is the best on the high street, especially for the price. Great range of colours this year, I've got your lovely jumper in a bright blue!

  6. I love your style here and the jumper is so lovely. xx