Sunday, 20 November 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: The Fashionista

So today I'm going to tackle what to buy your Fashionista friends. I love everything on this list - I want it all for myself to be perfectly honest! If you missed them, here are the links to my guides on what to buy your Bookworm friends and your Beauty Blogger friends!
1. Polaroid Instant Camera, £79.99 - Who doesn't want a Polaroid camera? Instant, shake to see the picture photos? Amazing! I love the fact that they now sell these again and I'd really love one to take around with me on my travels or when I'm hanging around with friends, and I'm sure your friends would love one too! 

2. Kurt Geiger Gift Card, £20 - Kurt Geiger has so many cute shoes and accessories it is nearly always impossible to choose, so I got rather excited to find they do gift cards which can also be used in their online store - the perfect present if you just want something you can slip into a Christmas card!

3. Nars Orgasm Gift Set, £22 - Nars products are pretty amazing, as is their cult 'Orgasm' shade. This set included the Super Orgasm lip gloss, Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer, also a classic! A perfect gift for any Nars Junkie friend, or even to buy yourself - I know I want to! 

4. Essie 'Trophy Wife' Nail Polish, £9.95 - This is from their New Year Metallics collection, and I think the colour of blue is absolutely beautiful. Not only can is be used as a festive colour because it is a metallic, but it can be used all year round too. Also, Essie nail polishes are pretty fantastic! 

5. Zara Gold Sequin Clutch, £29.99 - Zara always make amazing clutches, and this seasons offerings are no exception. With all the golden festive sparkles on this beauty I can totally see why the blogasphere has been going a little crazy over this number!

What will you be buying your Fashionista friends? Don't forget to check back for the fourth part of my gift guide series, what to buy your Style Blogger friends! 


  1. fashionery.blogspot.com20 November 2011 at 13:22

    nice things :)

  2. the Polaroid camera is so cute. I think it is worth it.
    Nars Gift Set- i totally want that too


  3. Love it!! Some great choices xx

  4. Love the clutch and Polaroid camera, some good gift ideas! maybe for myself too =P


  5. Kurt Geiger gift card...yes please!

  6. You get a free Kurt geiger gift card free with this months Elle!

  7. Oh this clutch... It's haunting me... I don't think I can wait for Christmas to get it!!!!

  8. I think I'll be asking for nail polish a lot this year (from people like parents, inlaws, and grandparents). It's a great gift that I will actually USE, and it's pretty cheap. This means I'll probably be giving it as a gift a lot too :)