Monday, 14 November 2011

Press Day: QVC S/S12

On Friday I heaved over to the beautiful Oui Oui rooms just off Oxford Street with Sherin and Lil to check out what QVC will be selling next year at their S/S12 press day. 
DSC_0080 DSC_0129 DSC_0090
This was one of the very first pieces we were greeted with - beautiful!
DSC_0065 DSC_0077
Not one to really wear very bright colours myself (I wear mostly black and dark grey to be honest) I try to lighten it up a bit in the summer months  by trying to wear some lighter greys - these items look right up my street!
These two pieces were my favourite things in any of the collections. So pretty, sparkly, detailed and totally awesome!
I was surprised by how much incredible perfume QVC sell - and lets be honest, in my book somewhere is not worth shopping at if they don't sell Benefit Cosmetics - you can some some of my favourite Benefit mascaras in the back!
I've been curious about Philosophy products for a while, but had not really managed to  get myself to fork out for some. This Orange Blossom shampoo/ shower gel/ bubble bath is new, and luckily were were all given a bottle to take home and try so I'll be reviewing it soon on The Glossy Guide, as well as their new perfume!
They also stock L'Occitane products - another brand I'd been meaning to try - review of their popular hand cream also to follow!
DSC_0098 DSC_0109
There were a lot of Inika products on display.  Do you   remember their mineral eyeshadow I reviewed? I've been wearing it a lot recently, and thats making me want to try some more of their products. DSC_0126
We spent quite a lot of time chatting to the makeup artists a Jemma Kidd and heading about some of their new products.
They have not launched yet, but I loved these little handy mini kits.
DSC_0094 DSC_0084
Do you ever buy anything from QVC? What is your favourite item from these photos? 


  1. So I realise this sounds a little strange but I LOVE that light blue cushion with the writing on it thats on the chair in the background of the 2nd last photo. Lol!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  2. I didn't realise they had so much make up, and agreed, if somewhere doesn't stock benefit then it's not for me!

  3. Ugh I love your life. That last kit from QVC is brilliant. Loving L'occitane's packaging as well. xx

  4. I love QVC! They do some cheaper Liz Earle kits and different product combinations which I love :)

  5. Thanks for letting me know that some of the Liz Earle products are cheaper there! I have been meaning to try them for so long, and that is good to know for when I finally get around to it!

  6. What a lovely collection of photos for a press day. I have never shopped at QVC in my life, I always thought it was just a shopping channel on TV haha xx

  7. Def the kelly hopkins home bits and the sparkly tops!

  8. The multicoloured snake is a unique item of accessories.....And the cushions are looking very rich .

  9. Clothing, accessoires, house ware and cute kitchen pans... <3
    My favorite are probly the jewellry snake thing and those pans <3


  10. I love this post! So many juicy stuff=D Actually I've not heard of the brand QVC before but i love their vibrant clothes!!!

    Yah, i've not used Philosophy products before either so do let us know if it's any good!:D Oh, my sis just came to visit me from the UK and she got me the Maire Claire mag (Nov 2011) and there was suppose to be a free L'Occitane mini hand cream sample but it got taken out by some stupid thief! it was the last Maire Claire mag in the airport book shop,lol...i soooo wanted that limited edition hand cream,hahaha

    I've not heard of Inika or Jemma Kidd, are they British brands?

    Anyhow, great post and thx for sharing:)


  11. I don't know about Inika because it is fairly new, but Jemma Kidd is a British brand, yes!

  12. What else do you want? I guess these are glimpse from heaven at a glance. I am so glad! Better than perfect!