Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Product Review: Ron Norsworthy No. 8 Candle

I'm a very big fan of beautifully scented candles - I like lighting them at night and turning off all the lights while I watch TV to wind down for the evening. My current evenings in consist of the first season of Big Love and this N. 8 scent candle from Ron Norsworthy that I was given at the QVC press day
Isn't it beautifully packaged? I kept it on my shelf for about a week or two before I could bring myself to untie the ribbon! Though, the beautiful smell was permeating the box so it was making my room smell lovely even before I had opened it!
This scent is  jasmine, orange flower, lilac, lily , hyacinth and palm leaves, all of which I can smell but to me the overriding scent is jasmine. I had a beautiful jasmine candle from Zara last year which I really loved and I really missed, so when I lit this and the familiar smell washed over me and I was over the moon. DSC_0117
It will be available to purchase from QVC next year, though I don't know what it will be priced at yet. Though, it can't cost more than some high end candles, and I'd really recommend this as a gift, perhaps as a housewarming for one of your girlfriends? *edit* 6/12/11 The candle will cost £19.95

What is your favourite scented candle? 


  1. Sounds great, i love candles x

  2. That is the prettiest candle! I'm not that into candles but my friend is, and I'm always sniffing them when we're looking at them, haha.

  3. Oh my gosh, this candle actually looks amazing! I'm not allowed candles or incense etc in my university bedroom, but this is definitely the kind of thing I'd buy as a present or for my time in London. I'd probably never be able to open the box though, it's far too gorgeous! xx

  4. That candle looks so fancy, we don't use candles very often in my house but I would probably buy that for myself if I had my own house haha!

  5. I haven't tried mine yet! Like you I haven't wanted to untie the ribbon! It smells absolutely gorgeous though, even without being unpacked so I can't wait to try. I don't usually use scented candles if I'm honest. I have a look of plain church esque candles and then usually I use an oil burner. Am really looking forward to trying this one though! xx

  6. Currently my favorite is warm apple spice I bought for the Holidays! It's actually my first candle I've bought for myself for my room and I am in love with them! I think I'll get about 100 more soon :)

    * Lola Dandelion

  7. oh my lord the packaging is gorgeous! I am so jealous, I hope it lasts a while though :) xxx