Friday, 11 November 2011

Weekly Love - Week 82

+ That satisfied feeling when you bake a perfect batch of double chocolate chip cookies. 

+ To support Hugs, Scones & Kisses Amy is going to step out of her comfort zone and wear nothing but dresses for a week if she reaches her sponsorship goal, you can find out how to support her here!

+ Heads up, there is a £20 gift card free with this months Elle!

+ Adding another Penguin Classics mug to my collection - this time, George Orwell's 1984!

+ That moment when you think the biscuit tin is empty, but there is in fact one cookie left inside!

+  Lovely walks through Notting Hill and Hyde Park. 

+ I had an amazing time at the Motel event last night - more photos and a proper post to follow soon!

+ Bribing myself to finish essays with cubes of Galaxy. 

+ Cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery

+ Girls do actually prefer shopping alone - I totally agree with this!

+ Hot bubble baths after being caught in the driving rain.

+ You can buy Marshmallow Vodka. My life is complete! 

+ Scented candles. 

+ Making piping hot onion and Strongbow soup - recipe to follow soon!

+ Winnie has written the most adorable post about Asian desserts!

+ Nachos, Fajitas and frozen Passion Fruit Margaritas. 

+ Dancing around the house my myself with my iPod blasting Blake Shelton's version of 'Footloose' at full volume. 

+ The people over at Harrods have been kind enough to make me blog of the week!

+ Pinkberry frozen yogurt in Selfridges. 

What have you been enjoying this week?


  1. Lovely walks through Notting Hill and Hyde Park. Yes I do enjoy those too with a certain special someone :)

  2. I love your weekly love posts! Those cookies look amazing and I'm looking forward to hearing about the Motel event.

  3. I love whenever you post a weekly love. So many interesting things to read! Also, how cool is this Marshmallow vodka? We need some for an eventual blogger night out!

    Cannot wait to see your post on the Motel event. I am just editing my pictures right now, and they're so bad! I definitely need a new lense for events! Mine just takes headshots really! Oh well...

  4. The penguin classics mug sounds amazing. I love 1984!
    And the Halloween Harry Potter party looks incredible.

  5. Aww thank you so much for linking me in this post! So glad you enjoyed the dessert post! You've compiled such a big list, I NEED to have fro yo the next time I'm in London, I haven't had it in sooo long. Hoping I find somewhere in Brum (apart from Nandos!) that sell it!