Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Product Review: Lollia Stacks Of Pretty Paper Candle

As regular readers will know, I'm a massive fan of luxury candles. Usually I have to hope people get them for me as gifts, but this year I decided to treat myself to a beautiful luxury Lollia candle. I first fell in love with the beautiful boxed and wonderfully scented candles in a little shop in Shorditch, but I got mine from Zalando, who as well as stocking a great range of shoes and clothes also have a great range of hard to find beauty products.  
You can check out the full scent range on the beautiful Lollia website (as well as their great range of soaps and other wonderful treats).
How amazing is this box? I keep putting the candle away after every time I use it! 
I had the no.18 'Stacks of Paper' candle which does smell deliciously of paper, as well as a sweet, floral and slightly intoxicating perfume. I've smelled a lot of these candles recently, and I can tell you that every scent is both wonderful and very unique, unlike anything else I'd smelt before.
I can't find this scent online anymore, but there are still a good selection of other scents and perfumes on the Zalando website. They are £33 each, which I know is rather pricey but I promise you as a treat for yourself or a luxury gift they are more than worth it! 
Has someone treated you, or have you treated yourself to any scented candles this Christmas? Or have you got one as a gift for someone else. Do you have a go to candle scent you like (I'm a sucker for anything with jasmine in) or do you always like to try something different?

This post was created in association with Zalando. I had originally planned to write this post before the partnership with Zalando came about. To read my policy on sponsored posts, please click here


  1. The packaging looks beautiful. I'm not really a candle girl myself, my brother is more of the candle fan actually! He has 4-5 yankee candles that he adores. I would love to have a wiff of that Lollia candle though as it does sound fantastic.

  2. I love scented candles! I just wish I used them more, they're so pretty, especially in Winter!

  3. Looks beautiful :)