Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Outfit Post: You Know My Name

Just a snapshot of what I wore shopping the other day, but I wanted to show you my new favourite H&M tee - an absolute bargain at £7.99!
Tee: H&M (current collection), Cardigan: Topshop, Jeans: Whistles (current collection), Gold Locket: Gift, Silver Bangle: Gift, Black & Gold Wrap Bracelet: Whistles, Lipstick: 'Naughty' c/o Smooch Cosmetics
r q
I'm going to get my hair coloured again soon, the same again but much redder and brighter at the tips now I don't have to worry about the school making me dye it back again!

What was the last thing you brought in H&M?

Monday, 29 August 2011

Currently Reading: Blogger Edition #1

As I'm currently away enjoying myself in France, I thought I'd share 10 of the bloggers who I've really been enjoying at the moment - new reads and some old favourites too!
1. Alix at I Covet Thee

Alix's blog is one of my newest favourites, a lovely mix of outfit posts, product reviews and weekly roundups. Her layout is fantastic, and her photos are so clear. She's only been blogging since March, I can't wait to see what she does next!
2. Doinac at Golden Diamonds

Aside from her fantastic styling and striking looks, Doniac's main ambitions are to develop the fashion industry in Moldova and become a politician - a girl after my own heart then! Her blog is truly international street style at its best. 

From as much of her personalty that comes over in her blog, Alice reminds me of a fantastic mix of my best friend and I. I was hooked from the first post of hers I read when she was professing her love for Mountain Dew. Her blog is quirky and fun, and a very refreshing alternative from the usual bloggers domain. 
_DSC0472 4. Kristina at KAYTURE

Kristina's photos are simply beautiful, and the combination of her fantastic taste in clothes, her model looks (she's in the running for Miss Switzerland) and her super talented photographer boyfriend takes on their travels makes for a breathtaking and inspiring style blog!

5. Susie at Takeout In Couture

I love the colourful themed mood boards Susie posts, as well as her street style photos that always have a whimsical quality to them (though the above picture is one of mine, not Susie's!) It also does not hurt that she has a wonderful but simple style, and looks beautiful in almost every single photo ever taken of her. 
dsc0055zv 6. Sarah at Temporary:Secretary 

Sarah's blog has recently been going from strength to strength. She's been taking more and more fantastic outfit photos, and all of her pictures are so bright and full of colour. Her Look Show entry makes for a fantastic showcase of just how talents she is. 
omg 7. Gala at Gala Darling

Gala's blog has always been one of my favourites, the first blog I ever read and the reason I started blogging in the first place. I love her bright and quirky outfit posts, her lovely tips to making your life much happier, and her wonderful takes of her New York adventures, as well as her sojourns with the one and only Betsy Johnson herself!
2 8. Jenny at Jenny From The Block

Jenny's outfit posts from sunny California make me wish I was back there again. She embodies that classic and laid back West Coast style, but brings her own individual edge, which along with her beautiful photographs make her blog a must read. (She also posts fun things like behind the scenes photos from photo shoots too!)
a466345a 9. Emma from Milkteef

I love Emma's cute outfit posts, as well as the many wonderful snapshots of her every day life and blogger events she attends. If you love having a snoop at other peoples wish lists and purchases, Emma's blog is for you!
8 10. Michelle from Daisybutter

Last but not least, I love Michelle's sweet layout and her wonderful snapshot posts, including her insightful week in photos and her wonderful how to wear info graphic posts that will solve all of your wardrobe dilemmas! 

Who's blogs have you been enjoying at the moment?

Friday, 26 August 2011

Weekly Love - Week 78

+ This photo is of ice creams in St Malo. It is also my way of letting you all know that I'm off to my house in France this afternoon for a week where I have no internet - so any posts that you read this week will be scheduled, and hopefully I'll have one or two more new French Photo Diaries to show you when I get back!

+ Nylon interviews Leighton Meester. I love Nylon, and I love Leighton Meester. 

+ Shopping for uni stuff.

+ Homemade pizza and French skinny fries. 

+ Cold Mexican paella. Because the coconut milk in my cocktail on A Level celebration night made me sick, I took my paella away with me. Stored in the fridge, its given me a couple of very taste snack meals!

+ Having the most amazing group of friends.

+ Katie's Alice In Wonderland cupcakes are both very incredible and very adorable!

+ Writing all my favourite things I like to cook that are student friendly into one big book - compiling my very own student cookbook!

+ I need something from this store in my life...

+ Ellie shares some pretty amazing cocktail recipes!

+ Catching up on the 3rd season of True Blood - so happy it seems to be following the plot of the 4th Southern Vampire mystery book!

+ Vivianna has written a first time fresher uni advice post that every girl off to uni for the first time in September MUST read!

+ Buying kitchen stuff and crockery for uni - a novelty for me!
+ Chardonnay Wine Therapy moisturiser from my Boudoir Prive box - I'm totally in love with the wine smell, and it works really well too!

+ I NEED to make this chalk board DIY...

+ Packing for holiday evenings in my nice and quiet French house: The West Wing Season 1, The Good Wife Season 1 and The Sims 3!

+ Style tip: knot your scarves at the bottom to add a little detail to your look!

+ Listening to the Joy The Baker podcast.

+ Katie has a recipe for Rose Creams - I actually love her for this!

+ The Lying Game - a new ABC show based on the book by Sara Shepherd, the same woman who wrote the Pretty Little Liars books - I love it!

+ Speaking of posts on starting uni, I've been using Sarah's list I saved form last year on what to pack - and she's just reposted it on her new blog!

+ Finding the people who will be living in my flat at uni on Facebook and getting to know them.

+ Why am I not in London till mid September? I want to go boating on the green lake on the roof of Selfridges. I'm not even kidding...

+ Fresh orange juice and homemade banana bread for breakfast.

What have you been enjoying this week?

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Introducing: Smooch Cosmetics

I was chatting to the PR girls who look after the exciting new makeup brand Smooch Cosmetics, and they asked me if I'd like to try some of the new line. The next day (amazing, I never get samples, or things I've paid for the next day!) a very exciting little package arrived in the post for me to have a play around with. 
Can I first say how much I love the packaging? Very Nars-esque. It might seem superficial, but the packaging of makeup has a big effect on if I buy it or not. I use a lot of Clinique, because thats what my mother uses, but I don't think I'd buy any today if I did not already know they are great products. It was the pretty packaging that  drew me to my Benefit obsession!
Also, what great boxes do they come in? I love the pink and black aesthetic... The line is inspired by lingerie, being able to wear that something special,  so I love  all of the lacy details!

I think this eyeshadow is great for creating the perfect smoky but sparkly evening look. I found it very messy to work with and I had to have lots of makeup removal wipes on hand to clean my face up before I continued with my makeup, but that was because even though these are pressed powders, they come up very loose and shimmery like mineral eyeshadow. The pigment is not brilliant, but by the photos from the look I created at the end of this post, they are by no means bad either. 
Black Lash Mascara, £8.95

My first thought when I tried this mascara was that is was not by any means a bad mascara, but nothing to write home about either. However, once I had seen the photos, I quite liked how long and thick it made my lashes look. The formula does not clump, but the wand could do with a bit of work because it was a bit clumsy to use. 
'Peachy' Duo Blush, £8.50

It took me a long time to work out how to get this blush on my cheeks without making myself look like a clown, but I managed in the end! It might just be that the darker side is much too deep for my skin tone, but it goes on very heavy and does not blend brilliantly. The lighter tone is even better, making me think that some of the lighter blushes in the range will not be bad at all. 

I absolutely adore this lipstick, so much! First, the colour is absolutely amazing. Not too red and not too dark, it is the perfect fall colour. It also has a nice formula, not too thick but not too thin. It lasts really well too, and it not at all drying. The colour is also true to what it looks like in the tube. If you order anything from Smooch, order one of their lipsticks! It has instantly entered my rotation, and I think it will be my go to shade come September, if not sooner!
So you guys can get a feel for how these look on, I've put this look together using everything I recived combined with some of my everyday base products. (Also used: Witch Skincare Anti-blemish Liquid Concealer & Nars Orgasm Illuminator)
Have you tried anything from Smooch Cosmetics yet? They have 50% off of everything on their website to celebrate their launch during August - I might just have to pick myself up a couple more lipsticks!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I Heart Wildfox Couture

Thanks to a wonderful giveaway over on Laetitia's blog, a big hamper of goodies from the team at Wildfox Couture and some other pretty great brands arrived on my doorstep on yesterday! 
I've wanted a Wildfox tee for ages, and now I have three! Thank you Laetitia and Wildfox!
I was super excited to open it up and find out that a summer prize hamper actually meant a really hamper, how awesome is this?! This will be perfect to venture out with for picnics next summer. 
The big fluffy thing is a spirt hood. It is actually the coolest thing together. There is a full photo and explanation at the end of this post. 
Alcohol Shot Gun | Leopard Print Dune Clutch | Fold Up Rain Hoods | Fire Wolf Spirit Hood | Paparazzi Panel Sunglasses (the black strip) | 3 Wildfox Tees | Wildfox USA Tote | Urban Outfitters Flower Headband | La Mer Wrap Watch | Wildfox White Tribal ScarfDSC_0026 
This is my favourite new tee - I can wear it with so much in my wardrobe! They all fit really well, even though Wildfox is so expensive, if I had the money to spare I would invest in more of their tees. 
This fluorescent shade of yellow worries me a little, but I think it might be great for a few student nights or as a swim coverup. 
Finally, this white tee. I really like the design, and it looks good on me, but I don't usually wear white. However, I think I'll be able to incorporate something into a look. 
Okay, so I can't get over how in love with my new Fire Wolf Spirit Hood I am. I will be wearing this all over campus this winter. You can get all different types of animal on their website, and they are so, so warm! Also the arms make a perfect wrap round scarf or hand warming pockets! 

What is on your Wildfox wish list? (Or, more importantly, who else owns a Spirit Hood?!)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Recent Purchases (Shopping For University)

On Thursday after my A Level results came through, my parents treated me to a shopping trip to Bluewater. I really need to stock up on some clothing basics - spending the last 8 years at boarding school wearing uniform most of the time, has really affected my wardrobe. I have a lot of statement pieces, and not a lot more of anything else. 

My mother found this cardigan in Topshop, and I really love it. It is soft, but best of all it is baggy and chunky in spite of being a size 8 petite - I've wanted a chunky cardigan to add to my arsenal for ages! (Even though it is petite, they sell it in regular too, as well as in burgundy!)
DSC_0022 DSC_0024

Something else I have wanted for ages (and something else that my mother found incidentally) is a body con skirt, but I was having problems finding one that suited my figure. This one came from Pins & Needles at Urban Outfitters. It also comes in grey.
The chunky knit of it seems to suit me better. The colour and knit remind me a lot of the sofas we have in France. I have not decided if this is a good thing or not...DSC_0029

Every girl needs a good pair of well fitted skinny black jeans in her wardrobe (even if you're not even a trouser girl like me) and my current pair from French Connection are no longer cutting it anymore. These beauties are from Whistles and I'm absolutely over the moon with how well they fit me. I knew they were right the moment I put them on.

I was upset that I did not get one of the padded jackets in Hobbs N.W.3 collection about two seasons ago, but was still determined to find myself a nice padded/ quilted jacket.  They had another one just like this one in the N.W.3 collection again, but with green turnovers. I don't like green. I was very happy then, to spot while I was in the store and identical jacket but with purple turnovers, my favourite colour.DSC_0039 
I love how there is even a coloured turnover under the collar!

Last year I practically lived in my grey leather Kurt Geiger ankle boots, but unfortunately after getting them re heeled twice and re lined, I really think that they might be past it and won't last me another season. Fortunately, I found this slightly more utility pair in Carvella at Kurt Geiger for this year. I'm in love with them, and I think we're both going to be very happy together.
What have you been lusting after/ what have been your favourite purchases so far from the Autumn/ Winter collections? 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Weekly Love - Week 77

+ Totally in love with my new Ciate paint pot colour - shame the formula is not as good as my beloved Essie... 

+ This fact about Hamlet that Katy left for me in her comment about my weekend in London post: Did you know that when David Tennant performed as Hamlet for the RSC, the skull used for Yorick was that of composer/pianist Andre Tchaikowsky, who, in his will, donated his skull to the RSC and asked for it to be used as a prop on stage, but Tennant was one of the only Hamlet's who felt comfortable using a real skull. A little bit of nerd theatre info for you there! Incidentally, Andre Tchaikowsky donated the rest of his body to medical science, not just his skull! This is yet another reason why David Tennant is my favourite Hamlet!

+ Betty has posted some pictures from her trip to San Francisco - god I miss that city...

+ I got a change to  get my hands on Benefit's new 'They're Real Mascara' before it launches!

+ Daniela already knows me well enough to know to send me a bbm when she's in the Selfridges food hall.

+ Penny slot machines at the seaside. Except, you now have to play with 2p pieces not 1p!

+ You can get an amazing nail polish free with this months Marie Claire!

+ Recording a pilot for a current affairs podcast with my best friend. It will never go public, but it was a great test run for a podcast that I hope I'll be able to share with you soon!

Taylor has some fantastic tips for taking outfit photos.
+ Maroon 5's 'Moves Like Jagger' music video - so awesome!

+ IFB talks about the ethics of selling gifted items.

+ The smell of the BBQ being lit.

+ Love this outfit post from Blushing Ambition.

+ Working on my English Breakfast pizza recipe.

Taylor Swift's 'Sparks Fly' video - her live shows look like such fun!

+ Listening to Katy Perry's 'One Of The Boys' album - still incredible!

Laetitia explains how awkward it is to explain that you are a fashion blogger as your career to non bloggers.

+ Pinkberry frozen yogurt in Selfridges.

+ Amy gives us some tips on how to enjoy spending time alone.
+ Some of the best calamari I've ever tasted, in Chimichanga.

+ I reviewed Sex On Tuesdays by June Whyte over at Judging Covers.

+ Organising a big leaving do for Susie, with Sherin. Lots of bloggers will be involved in London - stay tuned!

Beauty pageants in prison, and why they are a good thing.

+ I want this Wildfox sweater in black - why does it have to be so expensive?!

Leia asks if fashion blogging has made us more body conscious.

+ An afternoon at Bluewater and dinner out to celebrate my getting into University and my imminent move to London - fantastic, even if my discovering that I was allergic to coconut milk in a very bad way at the restaurant! Thank you to everyone for your such kind and lovely congratulations messages!

+ Fantastic tips for bloggers who wish to cover Fashion Week.

+ I want this clutch from Emily Cho - so chic!

What have you been enjoying this week?

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Boudoir Privé: August 2011

After I wrote about Boudoir Privé, a monthly luxury lifestyle sample box subscription, the guys over at Boudoir Privé kindly agreed to send me a press box to review and share with you all. As a bit of a side note before I start the actual review, there was a bit of a mix up with my box, and I just wanted to thank the guys I spoke to at Boudoir Privé customer service for being wonderfully helpful!
It comes in a standard postal carton like most sample box services like this, and everything inside arrived in good condition.  
I really like the pink box, the way it folds over with a magnet, but because of this I don't think I'll use it as much as I would boxes with lift off lids. DSC_0018
I do like the way it is presented when you open the box, with the bow and the little note from the people there.
DSC_0019 DSC_0020 
I thought that the fact the note was personalised and handwritten was a really nice touch!  
I loved the presentation, and it all had a luxe feel to it. However, when I opened it up, I could not help but feel a little bit disappointed, but I just can't put my finger on why. I just think that if I paid £10 for this, I would have felt disappointed in a way that I have not from some other subscription sample boxes I have tried.
I'm interested to try this conditioner, because it is not something that I've used before, and I'm not sure that I'd  buy it for myself to try...
However, I'm looking forward to sampling this moisturiser, I can't believe I have not get - anything with body cream AND wine in the name has to be right up my street! *edit* It smells just like wine on the skin. I'm TOTALLY in love!
I'm very happy that this box is giving me the chance to try out for luxe, high end hair product. I think I must spend stupid amounts of money on maintaining my hair, and I'm always on the hunt that will make it stronger, silkier and glossier!
I have seen in some peoples reviews that they were unhappy to get an anti ageing cream in their box, but I don't mind so much. One of my old Clinique ones was anti-ageing, I just used it as it was a great cream. Also, I think  these boxes are more friendly towards a slightly older (basically non student) demographic where the recipient has a bit more disposable income for luxury products.
While I usually go for quite plain perfumes,  I love trying out new ones. Like everything else in the box, I'd never heard of this brand before.
As a big herbal tea drinker, I'm really, really excited about sampling are these tea samples from Bloom. I think it is absolutely inspired to include tea as more of a 'lifestyle' sample in these boxes.

My verdict? I think Boudoir Privé is a fantastic service, but a service that is just not for me. As Lily said in her review, I personally would rather be receiving samples of well known branded products that I would have tried if I could afford to, but I can see how unknown luxe brand samples could appeal to someone different too.

Who else received one of these boxes in the post? What did you think of it? (P.S. If you'd like to try a box at 50% off (only £5) enter 1BOX12 at the checkout before 31st August!)