Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Currently Reading: Blogger Edition #2

So, it has been a while since I showed my love for some of my favourite bloggers. Here are ten of my favourite bloggers at the moment, and why I love their blogs so much!
1. Rose at The Londoner

Rose's blog is one of my all time favourites, and I get so excited every time I can see that she has written a new post. Her blog is the place to go if you want to find great places to eat out in London, and she also posts lots of mouthwatering original recipes and great editorials on many different aspects of being a modern woman. Also, Rose is absolutely lovely in real life to boot! 
6479226951_46dff62558_b 2. Nicolette at Nicolette Mason

I subscribed to Nicolette's blog the first time I ever found it because of the sleek layout and beautiful photos, but I've remained a fan as she always posts such great fashion forward content, and this is coming from a person who does not actually enjoy reading high fashion orientated blogs so much! She's a freelance fashion writer and editor from Los Angeles living in New York, and her blog gives a fascinating insights into living a fashionable life in the city.  
6325217863_ea4c899377_b 3. Zoe at Zoella

I love Zoe's, long, detailed and honest beauty and makeup product reviews that really give you a good idea of the products and if you'd want them or not - most recently off of her blog I've added Agent Provocateur's Soap on a Rope to my wish list! Also, her honesty does not just stretch to beauty products. She recently wrote a brutally honest, moving and really informative post on how to deal with panic attacks and how to deal with them, building on her own personal experiences. 
tt3-35JPG_effected 4. Paula at Pink Bow

I first found Paula's blog because of her beautiful and fabulous photography. Everything in her life is so dreamy and vintage inspired, and I love her outfits! Also, I need her makeup collection in my life, and to eat and drink all of the delicious things she does!
5. Elodie at Elle Yeah

I've been reading Elodie's blog since way before the two of us met. She writes brilliant fashion forward posts (her Christmas gift guide was the best one I read) and she has lovely, beautiful and clear photography of her super stylish outfits. She also has a great string of fashion internships lined up at the moment, so keep an eye on her - this girl is going places! 
6. Charlene at Dainty Dresses

Out of so many bloggers (okay, with Michelle from Daisybutter being one exception) I thin Charlene does the best week in photos posts. Also, she has some pretty great and comprehensive beauty reviews which I have discovered some of my favourite products through her blog. She does lots of Lush reviews, so if you're thinking about trying one of their products, check to see if she has reviewed it first!

Joy's blog is a relatively new find of mine, I like to refer to her blog in my mind as a thinking style blog, meaning that she posts the most wonderful and thought provoking original articles and editorials as well as lots of lovely outfit inspiration with lovely insightful explanations as to why she likes them, rather than just posting the photos as so many bloggers are apt to do. 
IMG_1428 8. Kate at Ghostparties

I absolutely adore Kate's beauty blog because she does a great mix of high end and high street products, she has great reviews and really clear photos. She also does outfit and lifestyle posts, unusual for many beauty bloggers, so it is really greta to be able to get to know the blogger behind the reviews too!
3 9. Jane at Deluminators 

I love that Jane's blog gives a perfect snapshot into life in Australia, a country that I don't really know a lot about. For example, they have Lindt cafes with macaroons, how jealous am I of that? Also, it makes me feel all summery reading her blog in the middle of the horrible cold London winter - it is summer at the moment in the other hemisphere! 
6653540273_b41d44003c_o 10. Carrie at Wish Wish Wish  

I think that Carrie's blog has some of the most beautiful and whimsical photography of all the blogs out there - don't we all wish we had photographer boyfriends? I love her totally British style with a lovely mix of vintage looking pieces and high street. 

Who's blogs are you really enjoying at the moment? I'm always on the lookout for new things to read, so I'd love it if you could link me up in the comments!


  1. Thanks so much for linking my blog here! I'm definitely off to check out some of the other blogs you've featured.

  2. Beautiful!

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  3. looks like amazing bloggers, have to go and check them out! :)

  4. I absolutely loveeeee Rose's blog, I've been reading it for a little while now and I'm addicted!!

    Gem x

  5. This is really lovely, thankyou gorgeous girl! xx

  6. yey, now I have some more blogs to follow! Thanks for sharing x

    Suzi x

  7. amazing pics!!!

  8. Fabrizia Spinelli25 January 2012 16:33

    Great blog top ten!! This is such a cool post!

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  9. wow thanks for sharing!! I'll check them out right now, I'm always looking for new fun blogs to read =)

  10. Michelle Jackson25 January 2012 17:33

    I've added a few of these to my google reader now. Thank you!

  11. Fashionhypnotised25 January 2012 18:33

    Great photos and lovely blog! I love it!
    fashionhypnotised girl

  12. I love finding new blogs to read :) Looking forward to have a nosey at these links! x

  13. I love these kind of posts... I'm lining some favourite bloggers of my own up for one of these!

    So good for finding new reads :-)

    Dayner x my blog -

  14. I love these kind of posts... I'm lining some favourite bloggers of my own up for one of these!

    So good for finding new reads :-)

    Dayner x my blog -

  15. I need to make such a roundup post sometime soon! I can believe I made it up there. Thanks Rachel as this was awfully sweet of you. I love your blog a lot too (I subscribe via Google Reader and not Frd Connect which is why you may not have noticed) :)

  16. Thank you so much for featuring me! I love these types of posts and have definitely found a few new blogs. :) x

  17. I love these posts, I've found some lovely blogs through you! :) x

  18. Thank you so, so much! I was so happy to see this post on my lunch break, yesterday. Being mentioned among all these amazing bloggers made my day!


  19. I'm also loving The Londoner blog :) just recently tried out the Slutty Brownies recipe which was amazing! Her posts are so good!xxx

  20. Dreamingofpalmtrees27 January 2012 00:08

    I love this roundup! I've been on the hunt for new great blogs - checking these out stat! xo, Claudia

  21. Thanks for the links. Being relatively new to the blogosphere, these are a great way to guide someone to some good first reads! PS: Your blog is just lovely!

    Faye x

  22. I love discovering new blogs! What a great post!

  23. heatherfonseca28 January 2012 00:12

    Thanks for the great list of blogs - it seems like there's so many good ones out there it's hard to follow them all!
    Thanks too for the nice comment on my blog, The Style Confessions. If you need any other info about LA send me an e-mail through the contact page on my blog, I'm happy to offer advice.

  24. I am certainly going to check all of these out - how awesome are they?

  25. You have good taste in blogs, Rachel! I am already following 8 out of 10 of these - and the other 2 are new to me! (will be bookmarking those too!) One blog I always go back to is M Loves M - my fave section is the wedding section - she had the most perfect wedding, the dreamiest wedding video and married to the most romantic man! x

  26. Thanks for the recommendation Sarah!

  27. agree with you!!! I love M loves M too!.. and the wedding section... I just love that video!=)

  28. Anita Montalvo30 January 2012 18:45

    ohh!!! I'm in love with your blog now!... thanks for visit my blog and for your comment!... I'd like to follow each other..
    Im following you on bloglovin already..
    super cute blog.


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