Sunday, 15 January 2012

Places To Eat In London: The Natural Kitchen

This morning I headed over to Marylebone to meet Victoria for brunch at The Natural Kitchen. I don't really know that (rather lovely) area of London very well, so the venue was Victoria's suggestion. I thought it sounded like the perfect place to go when she mentioned it - anywhere with locally sourced all natural ingredients is bound to score well with me! 
We met for brunch at 11:30am (Sunday) and Victoria commented that it was a lot less packed than usual and we did not have to wait for a table. However, while we ate it rapidly started to fill up for lunch and by the end of the meal there were people queueing up the stairs for a table and they had to close the restaurant to any more prospective diners.  It was nice though that while there was a massive queue were were into rushed at all and we sat there for a good 15 minutes or so chatting after our plates had been cleared away.  If you don't like waiting, I suggest you have an early meal  but it is well worth the wait if you don't mind too much!
You can choose to order their homemade lemonade in with still or sparkling. I opted for sparkling, and it was absolutely delicious - it is well worth coming for a meal here just to drink it! Even Victoria noted that I appeared to be a little bit addicted! 
We both had poached eggs and toast, and I had mine with bacon and sausages.  The eggs were perfectly poached and gloriously runny inside. The sausages were also delicious, perfectly herbed and spiced while still being really meaty - I had not had a good sausage in a while!
The ground floor housed a cafe for a quick bite to eat and a deli that I really wish was just right around the corner from my flat - there were so many delicacies I wanted to try! 
DSC_0309 DSC_0312 DSC_0311
The Natural Kitchen is really easy to find at the North end of Marylebone High Street (get off at Baker Street Station), and they have another location in the City between Holborn and Fleet Street. Breakfast and brunch are cheaper than main meals, but all the food is pretty great value. Our bill for this meal came to just under £22 between us. 

Have any of you eaten in The Natural Kitchen? Are there any other natural or locally sourced restaurants in London I need to try? 


  1. I've had lunch there before but I didn't really rate it, although, the breakfast pictures look so good I may revisit...

  2. Thats interesting, because after brunch this morning I think I'd quite like to go back to try one of their lunch dishes, also one of their artisan sandwiches! What did you have? And were you eating in the Marylebone one or the City one?

  3. The food looks pretty good! I'm not into eggs but those sausages sound nice.

  4. hi rachel, thanks for stopping by! this place looks UNbelievable! i love the decor {the writing on the window} and the look of the food!! i need to visit london one day!
    xo, k

  5. Lovely post! It looks delicious!

  6. Yum, this looks and sounds so amazing! I definitely need to go there next time I visit London :) Thanks for sharing! I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

    xx Ivana

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    Stop by sometimes :)
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  7. Ok, so putting this on my 'to visit' list - right by my office as well!

  8. It's certainly one of my favorite places to eat in the area and one of the only places to get fresh Samphire that I know of in town! There's a great natural beauty shop on Bulstrode street just a few blocks south called Content Beauty/Wellbeing. It's brilliant and independently owned as well. the Hale Clinic is right around the corner too... okay, so those aren't necessarily food places but they're great places for 'natural' things (treatments, products) that I highly, highly recommend. Also love Planet Organic off Tottenham Road, obv.

  9. Thanks so much for the recommendations! I'll be sure to check them out next time Im in the area. I've also just taken a look at the Planet Organic website, and I NEED to eat there - thanks for letting me know about it!

  10. We love The Natural Kitchen in Marylebone and have never been disappointed with their breakfasts, lunches, coffee and carrot cake etc. Their Pepys Street branch is dangerously close to my office.

    We do all our Christmas dinner/Boxing Day breakfast shopping there too as it just makes it taste the way Christmas should.