Thursday, 19 January 2012

Places To Eat In London: Vapiano

On Monday night, after chilling out for a while in the Selfridges Library, Sherin and Susie took me for dinner at a great Italian just off Oxford Street, Vapiano.
DSC_0328 DSC_0298
I loved the laid back style of the restaurant, you can't really get anything like it in smaller towns like where I'm from. When you walk into the restaurant you get handed a charge card. There are menus scattered around the restaurant where you can choose pasta, salad or pizza. 
You got up to the corresponding area and order straight from the chef, watching them cook you food if you want and you swipe your card. You can pay for everything; food, drinks and desserts you put on your card when you leave the restaurant. The seating is an open plan mix of bar are and stools and booths at tables over two floors so you can choose to sit wherever you like with your food. I absolutely loved the laid back, relaxed and cool atmosphere.  
I was slightly in love with the decor. 
DSC_0303 DSC_0314
I had one of their homemade pizzas topped with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. I added the oregano myself, and after I took the photo I added torn fresh basil from the pot on our table (I love that little extra touch for an Italian restaurant) and some chilli oil. I had not had a proper pizza in ages, and though you can get better pizzas, this one was faultless - just what I fancied! 
Susie had a simple Caesar salad, which looked absolutely perfect for someone who was just after a quick light meal, like she was after having eaten quite a bit that day already!
Sherin had this amazing looking pasta which also smelt pretty  great. I've decided that I'm already going back for another meal, maybe at lunchtime when the music will not be so loud (it  was by no means too loud, we could still talk fine, but I like a quieter atmosphere for my meals in general) to try one of the pasta dishes.
I loved how the desserts were displayed by the bar, and I was really tempted by the vanilla panna cotta with strawberry sauce. 
However, when I went up to the counter to order I spotted the death by chocolate, it was the natural choice! It was rather excellent, but not up to the absolutely faultless standard of my pizza. 

The meal was excellent value, my pizza, dessert and a beer coming to £14. A bill that you pay while munching on a complimentary bowl of gummy bears. 


  1. I love Italian food - that pizza looks amazing - and the concept of this resturant is really cool! It doesn't sound too expensive either.

  2. Um, wow! This looks amazing, somewhere I've never heard of, but definitely something I'd love to try if I was in London. Lovely photography too :) xx

  3. It all looks absolutely delicious but I was totally 100% sold once I saw 'complimentary gummy bears'! Genius! x

  4. Looks amazing, I love italian food and carb overload, feel so bad afterwards though!

  5. These pizzas look delicious, nice photos and post!

  6. Ive never heard about this place! I will try it out next time I'm out shopping in the area... the pizzas look so yummy!


  7. Jessica and I actually went there after The Only Way Is Blogging. Had the veggie pizza and it was lush!


  8. I love Vapiano's. Definitely one of my favourite restaurants in London. My pasta was seriously incredible! I'd definitely recommend it for next time.

  9. I do love Vapiano but I have to admit the card system baffled me the first time I went!

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  10. Omigosh, I really enjoyed this post. Your photography makes the food look even more delicious!! I'm craving pizza now!

  11. It looks great! I'll definitely visit it the next time I come to London.

  12. I've heard so many great things about Vapiano, I really must visit next time I'm in London! The food looks great! xx

  13. Hi guys, Vapiano Great Portland Street here!

    Rachel, first of all, thanks a lot for the review, it's wicked! We're glad you had a great time and yes, the gummies are almost as successful as our food!

    For the rest of you, welcome to Vapiano's. Just come along, talk to our hostess who will be more then happy to explain you the system and enjoy your meal.

  14. This post looks soo yummy!!


  15. Thanks for the sweet comment! There's a Vapiano in Helsinki too, the decor and everything is almost exactly the same :) Great photos!

    Bisous, Sara

  16. Oh wow, this looks delish! Adding it to my 'to visit' list immediately!

  17. oh i love vapiano! i'm there at least once a week and never get bored! it's a fantastic place! <3

    xx mika

  18. This looks AMAZING, I really want to go!

    Maria xxx

  19. i've been to this restaurant but i hated it!! admittedly we didnt all queue up individually, i was sent to get 4 pasta dishes for me and my friends, and they only cook 2 dishes at once, so i had to stand there watching them cook my freinds pasta while mine got cold in front of me. then we left our charge cards on the trany and they whipped it away before i could get them back, then yelled at us for losing them!! mthe food isself was quite nice, it was just the annoying format. i felt like i wa paying restaurant prices for a fast food service.