Saturday, 7 January 2012

This Is Why I Should Shop In Anthropologie

I first heard about Anthropologie on the Joy The Baker Podcast. Joy and Tracey always go on about how amazing and wonderful (but expensive) Anthropologie was, so the last time I was wondering up Regent Street (with Sherin incidentally) I dragged her in to take a peek, and promptly fell in love. 

I usually don't like wearing the colour green, but this dress with its bell sleeves and the way the fabric gathers at the front is absolutely beautiful (it is in fact the dress I fell in love with when I was in the store), and I'd feel super stylish wearing it while I wrote in my gorgeous pink and gold journal after eating my dinner with there incredible pieces of table gear. 
Dr. Hunter's Hand Creme: £11, Claire Vivier Clutch: £148, While You Were Out Sticky Notes: £6

My hands get so dry that I need to use a good hand cream every time I wash my hands. While I'm out and about I like to use my favourite L'Occitaine cream, but on my dressing table I like to have a rose scented version. At the moment the Cath Kidston one is my favourite, but I quite what to try this one because of its rather beautiful and stylist packaging! 

I think this cute 'While You Were Out' pad is such a great idea, they are sticky notes, so they can be stuck anywhere and you can tick boxes or fill in little bits to say who rang, or if anything happened while you were out, and what you expect the person who left you the message expects you to do about it!
Purl-Wise Knit Jumper: £88, Dinning Room Measuring Spoons: £22, Wish Tree Jewellery Holder: £78

I think this jewellery tree is so beautiful, delicate and stylish that I'd want to use it as an ornament rather than hanging anything on it, though maybe I'd allow a few decorations during the festive period! 

While I originally mistook these spoons for a tiny and adorable brooch, they are in fact full sized and perfectly usable measuring spoons to use in the kitchen - how awesome is that! 
Tineke Rose Shorts: £128, Monogram Alphabet Mugs: £6, Grown Under Glass Bubble Bath: £40

I don't really go for cream clothing, but I'd make an exception for these shorts, to be styled in the spring with either navy or pastel tights. Finally, regardless of the price I think my bathroom needs this gorgeous bubble bath bottle on its shelf, pronto! 

Have you shopped in Anthropologie before? What from their site would you put on your wish list? 


  1. I love Anthropology. I need to shop there more often. The 'While You Were Out' sticky notes seem amazing. And I can#t believe the spoon brooch actually has full sized spoons.

  2. ella @ belle vintage7 January 2012 at 10:45

    Oh my gosh this stuff is so nice Rachel! Love the Alphabet mugs and that journal is gorgeous xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. Vesna (beauty addict)7 January 2012 at 10:49

    Oh my, gorgeous stuff. Haven't heard of this site before but will browse it these days <3

  4. Oh wow, I have to admit, Anthropologie is one of those stores I am forever walking past without much of a second thought, although I am constantly hearing great things about it. Having seen this post, though, I might be tempted to go and spend the remnants of my Christmas money in there haha, I definitely must get my hands on that journal, at least! xx

  5. harrietbambs.blogspot.com7 January 2012 at 16:21

    I've just fallen in love with those alphabet mugs, so cute and vitagey! xx

  6. I love those measuring spoons! I thought they were a broach at first too. If I baked or had a proper kitchen I would definitely purchase them. x

  7. I like the little measuring spoons and the mugs are just delightful!

  8. Yeah i went to the anthropologie in new york before christmas, it's amazing!! I got the alphabet mugs in my initials :) definitely check it out! hope you're well x

  9. I love anthropologie, they have such beautiful, feminine and unique things! The clutch bag is so simple and sweet and I think the alphabet mugs are so sweet!

  10. Anthropologie has such amazing bits and pieces. I love that jewellery tree and the measuring spoons, so cute!

  11. Thanks so very much for the wonderful comment :)

    I so, so love Anthropologie! It's my fav. store; if only I had the $$$$$ to shop there all the time *sigh* haha


  12. I'm alwaysb browsing their online store, love the homewares! I think I want some of those mongram mugs!

  13. hi rachel! great anthropologie picks. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. appreciate it! :)


  14. I adore anthropologie! I never shop in there though, except for the sales. I find a lot of it overpriced but so gorgeous. When I go to New York next month I hope to pop into their store and pick up a bargain or two!

  15. I am so in love with this shop it is untrue. It's jsut so beautifully laid out and curated I want to live in it!

  16. I love those mugs!

  17. I think its a good thing that there isn't an Anthropologie store near me, otherwise most of my time and money would be spent there!

  18. The whole selection is such an eye candy! Loved the alphabet mugs and measuring spoons particularly.

    Anthropologie's collection is amazing and I love it, but some items are unnecessarily overpriced and I would really prefer to spend my money on a pocket-friendly quality item rather than something I'd wear for a year and then get bored of. There's always a good find though. xx

  19. Love the measuring spoons. My mum loves the Kings Rd store! x

    The Londoner

  20. oh wow! I'm better not going to have a look at the online shop for a while - not good for my bank card!

  21. princessandthepea9 January 2012 at 19:25

    Love it all hun, they have some fab different things in there xx Thanks for your lovely comment x

  22. I LOVE anthro!!! I first found it when I was in NY a few years ago and just resigned myself to looking at pictures wistfully on-line, so I was so pleased when it came to regent st! It is ridiculously expensive but they do have some great sales, especially on-line, I have got some real bargains there, such as a skirt which was originally 98 pounds for 9!!

    Jess x