Saturday, 21 January 2012

Wardrobe Essential: Ankle Boots

Unfortunately, by virtue of being myself I've already started thinking about my summer wardrobe. I live for the summer months and all the fun wardrobe choices that can be made because you no longer need to worry about how on earth your clothes are going to keep you warm. I have a rather lovely black summer dress I spotted in Forever 21 (I love the fact you can get such great clothes in there for such great prices, and they also do a student discount) the other week hanging in my wardrobe waiting for me when the weather finally turns. The problem is, I rather love this dress and really want to start wearing it right away, but I can't because it is far too cold. This got me thinking about things I could buy that would take me right through all the seasons, and my mind went straight to shoes. 

I've never really gone for this style of flat boots before, but if you think about it you can imagine wearing them any time of the year, and anywhere. I could see myself: 

On the cobbles of Somerset House during London Fashion Week (the fashion week that is always cold)...

Exploring the streets and parks in Paris in the Autumn when all the leaves are down...

Or paired with a sundress and a big pair of sunglasses on the way to the beach in California!

I really think I might have to start trying on boot styles like this and find a good pair to invest in and take me through all the seasons. What do you think of this style of boot? If you've done any outfit posts where you are wearing something similar, I'd love you to link me to them in the comments or via Twitter! (@makingmewonder)


  1. I would wear all these, but the third one especially. Only thing is, I'd wear it on my way to the beach, on the French Riviera!

  2. love it <3

  3. love the styles dear!La Folie 

  4. Love those ankle boots! Wouldn't mind having them in every colour :)

    Bisous, Sara

  5. Absolutely perfect outfit builds! I've just bought a similar shaped Sam Edelman pair that are leopard print but am struggling with what to pair them with! I've had to go out and buy a load of black stuff haha! x

  6. Raspberry Blonde22 January 2012 at 09:04

    I especially love the reddish ones! I like them in summer under a flowy floral dress, or on cold days with some ragged jeans and a blazer. Definitely worth investing in!

  7. Love the boots! And that Burberry parka is amazing! Love it! :D

  8. Maridel Constantino22 January 2012 at 20:23

    Great outfit ideas. I definitely agree with ankle boots as a wardrobe staple, they just go with everything! =D


  9. Ooooh really like the Burberry jacket, these looks are perfect for each situation!

  10. I love love love ankle boots! My black pair are my go-to footwear during winter!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  11. Oh my days LOVE those boots. Summer is slowly on it's way out here in Oz and I'm starting to go on the hunt for boots for winter. They would be perfect. x

  12. The boots are amazing!! Love them! :)

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