Friday, 13 January 2012

Weekly Love: Week 90

1. Hi everyone! I'm back in London this week as uni has started again, so look forward to lots of city and event orientated posts to come, but before I left I spent a morning wandering around the picturesque town of Sandwich taking photos from some of the holiday cottages pamphlets. I wish I could have bunches of these tulips I spotted outside the florists in my flat. 
2. Things I learnt out shopping this week: if you live near a big shopping centre or mall like Westfield or Bluewater which is always so busy you can hardly move, get there the moment it opens. You have no idea how empty it will be and how quickly you'll get your shopping done. I did not have to queue in Primark, and there is normally a 20 minute queue right around the store! Also, if you buy American magazines like NYLON and Foam, you can get them a couple of pounds cheaper (aka at a realistic price) if you buy them in Hollister. 

3. Thank you for all your sweet and lovely comments on my City Life vs. Country Life. Writing about my personal experience of living in both the city and the country, I know it came across how much I'm not really enjoying living in London or university life, and all your lovely and encouraging comments really meant a lot to me - thank you! 
4. Tastes of my childhood. Returning to my picture mission in Sandwich I indulged in one of my favourite tastes I remember from when I was a kid, a lovely warm sausage roll from the French deli on No Name street. (I have not taken the photos yet, but I am planning a blog post on this gem of a shop!)

5. I have had a totally revamp and overhaul of my Tumblr page. Instead of just being a stream of pretty pictures (we now have Pinterest for that!) it is now going to be like a mini diary blog. If I've gone to an event, there will be extra pictures posted up there that did not make it onto my blog, outtakes from outfit posts and little snippets of posts and photos that are great on their own but did not quite make it onto my main blog - be sure to follow, and I hope you enjoy all the extra content!

Current Location: London
Currently Reading: Teen Vogue
Currently Watching: Borgen (with English subtitles!) and Sherlock. (You know the Irene Adler ring tone in the first episode? My best friend has it for a girl. She is stored in his phone as 'The Woman'. I could not stop laughing first time I heard it. So awesome.)
Currently Listening To: The Joy The Baker Podcast

What have you been enjoying this week?


  1. Rachel, promise me something - NEVER stop going on about Benedict Cumberbatch! He is a brilliant actor, and FIT. Fact. Thanks for the Q&A!

    Also thanks for sharing Rosie's fish and chip recipe, that is my Friday night cooking sorted! xx

  2. Don't worry, while there is Cumberbatch press worth sharing, it will be shared! :D

  3. ella @ belle vintage13 January 2012 at 12:13

    I am completing loving Sherlock too! I didn't think I would, but its brilliant. Just checked out the pizza and the tube link is brilliant.
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  4. Totally agee with the shopping early point. I only ever go to bluewater for the moment it open, and I always leave by lunch when it start to get busy.