Monday, 27 February 2012

Gift Guide: Mothers Day 2012

So, on the 18th March it is Mothering Sunday, and I will be hopping on the train and heading home to visit my mother, keep her company and help her out around the house and the office for the weekend.

First up, don't make the faux pas of giving a gift and forgetting to include a mothers day card! I used to make my own cards for everything, but these days until I actually have a permeant and regular home to set up a good DIY and craft area I tend to buy them. However, I really like to personalise the card to the person, and sometimes when you're standing in Clintons or Marks & Spencers I can't find the perfect one for someone even when there are literally hundreds of cards on the shelves in front of me! It came as a surprise to me recently that Hallmark actually have a personalised cards service on their website, which I think is perfect if you are not the crafty type, or you don't have the time or space to make your own like me!

As well as all of these gifts you can buy in the shops, I think handmade gifts also give a lovely little touch. Why not make her a box of homemade chocolate and cherry buttercream macaroons, make her some sugar plum crepes for breakfast in bed or melt some coloured wax into some vintage tea cups for some cute candles to give her as a stylish gift!

Have you decided what you are going to buy your mother (and don't forget grandmothers!) this Mothers Day?

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Jane Packer Flower School with Yardley London

Last Saturday I decided to take an afternoon off from the total organised chaos that was London Fashion Week to head over to the Jane Packer Flower School for a flower arranging lesson with a couple of my fellow bloggers, and to hear about Yardley London's new skincare range and advertising campaign. 
DSC_0713 DSC_0641DSC_0650
The new Yardley range of a body wash, body lotion and hand cream come in all of their core fragrances; Peony, English Lavender, English Rose and Royal English Daisy. They are all very reasonably priced (all under £6) and come in sleek and simple packaging. 
We were taught how to make a hat box flower arrangement from scratch, as shown in this picture. I was very worried about how mine would turn out!
DSC_0671 DSC_0643 DSC_0683 DSC_0693
I was still rather worried half way through that there was awful balance to my arrangement, but thankfully things started to look up when I added the dried lavender and the foliage. 
The finished result, and it was so easy to make! I'm going to keep all of the non floral components so I can hopefully shoot a step by step guide to recreating this at home for a later blog post!
After talking us through their new print ad campaign (they are pretty amazing ads, look out for them in your favourite fashion monthlies) the ladies at Yardley were kind enough to give me a set of the Peony scented products to take away with me. Yardley are a brand that are usually associated with the older market (they do have lovelies such as Q10 and vitamins that help out older skin), but all their scents are beautiful and floral, and I at 18 after trying these will certainly be using them more often. 

The body wash leaves a lovely scent on your skin which is long lasting but not too overpowering, as does the lotion. I am especially impressed with the hand cream, and while I don't think wild horses could drag me away from the tube of L'Occitaine hand cream I carry in my handbag, this Yardley tube is just as good, and has already taken up pride of place on my bedside table. 

Have you tried any Yardley products before? And has anyone here ever been to any flower arranging classes, or do I have any florists among my readers?

Friday, 24 February 2012

Weekly Love: Week 95

Wow, that was an epic week! I can't believe that London Fashion Week has been and gone, and I'm already back in Canterbury (nothing beats the feeling of being home) sorting out details and attending meetings gearing up for the holiday cottages opening in April! Thank god I think weather wise that Spring is finally here - I was getting fed up of the biting cold! I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with some of my favourite bloggers and fashion people (SelinaEleanor, Elodie, Sherin, Florrie, Gem, Lily, Daniela, Jasmine, Kate, Zoe and Carrie) and get to see a lot of shows and presentations. In case you missed it, you can catch up with all of my London Fashion Week coverage here! (And for those of you who are sick of my Fashion Week coverage, I'll shut up about it tomorrow!)
1. London Fashion Week at Somerset House | 2. The Sophie Hulme A/W12 presentation was my London Fashion Week highlight! | 3. I had such fun shooting detailed street style around Somerset House! | 4. I had a bit of a fan girl moment when I spotted Scott Schumman and Garance Dore at Fashion Week! | 5. Do you remember my blue velvet Kat Maconie ankle boots I wore on the first day of FashionWeek? I got to meet Kat herself when I previewed her A/W12 collection in the LFW exhibition area! | 6. My LFW Press Pass

What have you been enjoying this week? What have been your favourite bits of London Fashion Week coverage? 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

London Fashion Week: Street Style Details #5

So, here is the final instalment of my London Fashion Week Street Style Details posts (as well as my final piece of coverage of London Fashion Week A/W12) - I really hope that you have enjoyed them! I have had such fun shooting them, so I was wondering how you would all feel if I made them a regular thing, if I looked to be shooting street style details all the time and posting them as roundups like this? I would love to hear your thoughts!
I love how she is wearing this print blouse under a simple and chic camel coat and letting the fabric shine through for just a splash of colour and interesting detail. 
What really made me laugh and amazed me about this woman in the pink dress, is that only about an hour before she was wearing a totally different, artistic gold creation front row at Inbar Spector!
I loved what a change this simple white bag on black made to all of the bright colours, neons and bold prints everyone else at fashion week seemed to be favouring. 
c4 c5 c6
I really think I need to invest in some pastel jeans this Spring, but what colour? 
c7 c8 c9 c10 c11
What has been your all time favourite street style look from London? I'd love to see some of your links in the comments section! 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

London Fashion Week: Sophie Hulme A/W12

One of the darlings of the London fashion calendar, people always really look forward to Sophie Hulme, and after attending her A/W12 presentation on Monday morning (it was a brunch presentation, so we were served virgin bloody marys and beef and bacon sandwiches) I can really see why. I want to know how quickly these pieces can make their way into my wardrobe! 
DSC_0578 DSC_0451
There are not words to understand how much I loved the giant gold cut out model of a dinosaur in the corner of the room. It added the perfect compliment to the dinosaur details in the jewellery, accessories and lace prints the collection features.
As well as being very, very happy with this first photo I shot of this beautiful model at the presentation, I absolutely adore everything about her look. I love her statement brows with the slightly pink, basic eye makeup which really makes her blue eyes pop, with the rest of her makeup staying neutral. I love the contrast of her navy dress and her luxurious black fur coat, and the gold of her necklace and exposed coat zip breaks up the outfit, adds points of interest and creates balance.
DSC_0524 hulme2
I really loved the colours used in this collection. The muted black, navy and grey palette is very stylish and chic, and the little bursts of gold and pink colours add femininity and a bit of individual edge. The cuts of the clothes are also really sleek and stylish, and the mixtures of textures make the pieces really different.
DSC_0565 hulme3
I really love this black and gold version of Sophie's cult tote, just think of how many items you could carry in style in it! Also, I love the lovely coat and the dinosaur pendant, she has such cute accessories!
I adored these black ankle socks with the plain pumps, I really want to try this with maybe grey shoes, plain black socks and slightly cropped trousers?
I absolutely adore the gold detailing around the collar on this simple black shift dress, it is just like built in statement jewellery! Also, I love the mixed fabrics and textures she has used on this classic style of coat, and the dinosaur lace overlay on the top underneath - I need some of that fabric in my wardrobe sharpish!

Finally, for those of you who have made it past the waiting list, What's In My Handbag has a great feature and photos on what Sophie Hulme carries around in one of her signature bags!

If you could, what would you choose for yourself from the collection? I think I would go for a simple black dress, one of the simple coats or some cute dinosaur jewellery!

London Fashion Week: Street Style Details #4

Hopefully you're not bored of these street style details posts yet, because there is one more to go after this one! This edition has a particular focus on clutches and handbags, and features on of my favourite photos I took on Monday, which actually has nothing to do with clothing! 
This gentleman has to be one of the most stylish men in attendance at the Mark Fast show. I love the way he has used different shades of blue, and how he holds this clutch like it is a file, making a usually feminine accessory into something rather masculine. 
b3 b4
I adore the turquoise of this bag, and how it compliments the colours in the print of the womans top. 
b5 b6
I was walking past the press registration hall, and I spotted a woman with a massive camera, a big grey coat and a beautiful pair of glittery black Miu Miu pumps who I was pretty sure was Garance Dore. My suspicious were confirmed when I spotted Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist having his portrait taken just beyond her. I was lucky enough to be able to watch them both in action for a bit, which is when I snapped this shot of Mr Schuman. 
b7 b8 b9
While most people at fashion week were using bright accessories to make their outfits hard hitting, I love how this simple black Mulberry bag is worn with a loud and bright orange coat. 
b10 b11 b12
What bright or neon colours are you most excited about wearing? 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

London Fashion Week: Prose A/W12

After seeing some of the pieces in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition, I was really looking forward to the Prose show on Monday evening. It was a good collection, but I'm not entirely sure any of the pieces I saw on the runway I'd want to wear myself. What do you think?
DSC_0392 prose1
I love the simple makeup, statement brows (which seem to have been one of the biggest makeup trends from London this season) and bold red lips the models were wearing down the runway. Also, while I don't know how I feel about this red number as a whole, I do like its feeling of Autumn leaves.
prose2 prose3
I thought the cut and the shaping of the fabric of this dress was simply beautiful, even if I was not much of a fan of the fabric itself. Also, it could just be me, but do the high crowns of hair these models were wearing remind you of the hairstyles worn by the Mormon extremists on Juniper Creek in HBO's Big Love?
The shoulders an d loose fabric cut of this dress also made me think of some of the dresses from Big Love!prose5 prose6 prose7
What has been your favourite right-to-your-wardrobe show at London Fashion Week so far? I've enjoyed Giles and Burberry!