Monday, 27 February 2012

Gift Guide: Mothers Day 2012

So, on the 18th March it is Mothering Sunday, and I will be hopping on the train and heading home to visit my mother, keep her company and help her out around the house and the office for the weekend.

First up, don't make the faux pas of giving a gift and forgetting to include a mothers day card! I used to make my own cards for everything, but these days until I actually have a permeant and regular home to set up a good DIY and craft area I tend to buy them. However, I really like to personalise the card to the person, and sometimes when you're standing in Clintons or Marks & Spencers I can't find the perfect one for someone even when there are literally hundreds of cards on the shelves in front of me! It came as a surprise to me recently that Hallmark actually have a personalised cards service on their website, which I think is perfect if you are not the crafty type, or you don't have the time or space to make your own like me!

As well as all of these gifts you can buy in the shops, I think handmade gifts also give a lovely little touch. Why not make her a box of homemade chocolate and cherry buttercream macaroons, make her some sugar plum crepes for breakfast in bed or melt some coloured wax into some vintage tea cups for some cute candles to give her as a stylish gift!

Have you decided what you are going to buy your mother (and don't forget grandmothers!) this Mothers Day?

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  1. Yes! I already have my gifts. I've also got a gift guide to publish next week. I love Mothers Day :D

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I am too far away from home to pop back for Mothers Day but I was thinking of putting together a beauty box just to suit her and hopefully a handmade card and popping them in the post. I'll have to check out these cards too!

  3. sophiewearing Sw50049427 February 2012 at 17:37

    Eghhh Mother's Day is almost my hardest gift giving time! My Mother does not like chocolate, does not like smellies/house filling objects and does not "want" anything! In fact, she refuses to let us buy her anything. Im thinking perhaps a personalised mug may be the only option, whilst im sure my sister will be buying Mum a holiday!

  4. I have no idea what to buy my mum either, she is like Sophie's mum! At least she does like some smellies so I might just have to get her some lush as I think she misses stealing mine when I lived at home haha.

  5. I love those cake tins. I've bought my mum some of the Lush mothers day products - I hope she likes them as much as I do! x

  6. I ave no idea, my mum's not very girly so doesn't appreciate much of the typical gift sets and things like that :/ so difficult...

  7. Those chocolates look so good (i might buy them for myself!) I've still not got my mum her present yet, so this guide is very handy! Going to get the credit card out now and shop! xx

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