Thursday, 23 February 2012

London Fashion Week: Street Style Details #5

So, here is the final instalment of my London Fashion Week Street Style Details posts (as well as my final piece of coverage of London Fashion Week A/W12) - I really hope that you have enjoyed them! I have had such fun shooting them, so I was wondering how you would all feel if I made them a regular thing, if I looked to be shooting street style details all the time and posting them as roundups like this? I would love to hear your thoughts!
I love how she is wearing this print blouse under a simple and chic camel coat and letting the fabric shine through for just a splash of colour and interesting detail. 
What really made me laugh and amazed me about this woman in the pink dress, is that only about an hour before she was wearing a totally different, artistic gold creation front row at Inbar Spector!
I loved what a change this simple white bag on black made to all of the bright colours, neons and bold prints everyone else at fashion week seemed to be favouring. 
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I really think I need to invest in some pastel jeans this Spring, but what colour? 
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What has been your all time favourite street style look from London? I'd love to see some of your links in the comments section! 


  1. I loved all your 'LFW Detail' posts. It was so nice looking at some of the accessories etc, rather than focusing on the whole outfit.

  2. studentandthecity23 February 2012 at 12:22

    I think more street style posts would be a fab idea, I love getting inspiration from all different sources. That satchel is gorgeous! :)
    R xx

  3. Love these pictures, I'm totally the same- what colour jeans I really need some pastels in my wardrobe :) x

  4. I actually picked up some bargain pastel purple jeans the other day and I wore this this morning - loved them! I'll post about them soon, so keep an eye out!

  5. Wow, such beautiful photos Rachel. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Hope you get to visit LA soon. I'd be more than happy to take you to Louis for some macaroons (hehe). I LOVE that white bag as well. Such a beautiful contrast to what everyone was wearing definitely. I'll always love black and white. Keep in touch!!! x

  6. Your photos are awesome Rachel! It would be lovely if you made this a regular thing. I love how your shots incorporate so much of the detail of outfits and you've got such an eye for them. This really sets your photos apart from others I've seen. I hope you keep taking these street style photos and making these round ups!

  7. I absolutely LOVE your street style posts!!! Definitely keep doing them!! Also, I need that orange clutch in my life!

    Gem x

  8. Hey Rachel, great pictures! You got one of the good days i see.. I was doing the shows Saturday when the weather was awwweful! Awesome piccies!!!

  9. Lovely photographs. I need that orange croc clutch in my life, hehe.

  10. The couple in the pink dress photo are The Noisettes. Love all your detail photos. I found you via Hello Cotton- love that place! I just signed up so finding lots of new blogs x

  11. Wow, thanks for letting me know, I'm useless at spotting famous people!

  12. great post, love all accesories, especially neon one, orange clutch is amazing!!!!
    Beautiful, I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope you will follow back