Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New York Fashion Week: Zac Posen Fall 2012

Can we ignore how horribly skinny the models on the runway at Zac Posen were and talk about the beautiful creations he sent down his New York runway for the first season in a while were? Zac Posen is not really a designer I had noticed before, but there is so much out of his latest collection I would absolutely love to wear. 
I love the beautiful folds of fabric at the bottom of these jewel coloured gowns. Even better, they would also work really well on girls with curves.
This grey gown is one of my favourite looks from the show. I'm not a massive fan of having totally bare shoulders with an evening gown, so this dress provides a happy medium. Not sure how well the effect would work on a girl with a more generous chest...
Does anyone fancy lending me this beautiful fur coat to wear to London Fashion Week? While things are looking a little warmer, if it goes back to being so bitterly cold I think it is the only way I'll survive! Also, while you're at it, can I have the beautiful necklace that comes with this wonderfully sophisticated and tailored suit? 
Coco Rocha in the finale dress. Now that is what you call the perfect ball gown. Can I also take a moment to comment on the very pointy, ankle strapped heels the models walked down the runway in? I love the ankle idea, and I now really want a similar pair to wear with summer skirts!

I know it might seem like I'm criticising the collection and the models a bit, but I do still think the dresses are very beautiful; they have totally won me over in the fashion as art department, and as Zac Posen is a red carpet favourite they will probably mostly be worn by equally skinny celebrities. However, it is a very wearable collection, and I like to think that at least one woman like me will be hoping to step out in Zac Posen sometime soon!

What has been your favourite collection in New York so far? I have also been enjoying Wes Gorden, Erin Fetherston and Kate Spade(Photos via IMAXtree)


  1. that grey dress is absolutely stunning! you can imagine someone bit a bit more curves would shine in that. the royal blue dress is stunning too, but can't imagine many places you'd get to wear it!

  2. I love those first two dresses especially the beige one - what an unusual design - so creative!


  3. God, Zac Posen never fails to make me swoon. It's so nice to see designs made with real women's figures in mind! Loving the tailored suit with the peplum jacket, and the Coca Rocha in that finale piece.

  4. I adore thegrey and dark blue dress!

  5. The clothes are gorgeous! The models do not look well though.

  6. I love Zac Posen! And that finale dress is fantastic. I ever win lottery I'm going to wear something like that to do this dishes...

  7. It is kind of rare that you see clothes that go down the runway that would suit both skinny and curvy! I was pleasantly surprised by this collection aswel...

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