Sunday, 12 February 2012

Outfit Post: London Fashion Week Trial Run

For a meeting in Shorditch on Thursday afternoon I decided to trial run one of my possible outfits for London Fashion Week, but my meeting got cancelled just as I was about to get on the tube, so I was all dressed up with nowhere to go! Luckily, the effort of putting together and outfit and putting on my makeup (I even went to the effort of wearing foundation!) as an alternative to my usual casual light approach I mooch around uni in was not put to waste - at least I've got an outfit post out of it!
Jewelled Necklace: Hobbs, Jacket: H&M, Dress: Zara, Heels: Pedro Miralles c/o Spartoo 

These heels from Spanish brand I had not before heard of, Pedro Miralles, is one of the two pairs I was given by the team at Spartoo the shoe site for London Fashion Week. I like these, but I can't wait to show you the other pair I got - they are so special, and I have fallen totally in love with them! 
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in 'Strumpet', Chanel Lumiere Perfection Foundation
The nail polish is the Orly shade a lot of people got in the Valentines Glossybox, called 'Ruby'. I'd never tried an Orly polish before, and while I have only been wearing it for 24 hours so can't really comment on how long it lasts, I'm really impressed by the formula as far as application is concerned. 
Daniela running through the photos I took for her outfit post. We're happy we've found a nice secluded bit of campus to take photos with great light and back drops, so we can do it in peace without too many people staring at us! 

Have you decided what you will be wearing to fashion week yet? Or, if your city has already had your fashion week, or you're in New York and you're right in the middle, I'd love it if you'd link me to some of your outfit posts so I can see what you've been wearing!

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  1. haha beaumont? x

  2. Which one is Beaumont? I'm useless at the names of the halls! The one at the end furthest away from the canal opposite Pooley?

  3. I have that jacket, I literally wear it with anything! It's fab isn't it!

  4. I know, right?! I got it for £10 in the sale!

  5. I just wish I was going to fashion week, I wish my job sent me. Boooo. Love your lipstick! xx

  6. That's a lovelyThat is a lovely outfit! I still have no idea what I'm going to wear to be honest. Probably should start thinking about it, really... Oops!

    -Elodie x

  7. Your necklace is gorgeous! xx

  8. that necklace is really pretty!
    happy sunday!

  9. I love the outfit you've put together. Unfortunately I won't be at fashion week this year (boo!) but maybe next year. Great look... bummer that it got canceled, however, sometimes it's fun to be dressed up with nowhere to actually go!

  10. lovely pics!

  11. Great, love the photos ;)


  12. I absolutely love your jacket! The background for these posts is amazing too xx

  13. yes, that one!
    i didn't get to say hi at Motel - did you have a good evening? x