Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring Essentials: Ash 'Bowie' Wedge Trainers

I have a confession to make. I really, really used to hate any form of wedged high top trainers. However, ever since these both natural and brightly coloured styles from Italian shoe brand Ash started to crop up, I have really been coming around to the style, and I have found myself actually seriously considering these orange ones. (Though, if they start doing them in any form or purple or bright/ pastel blue I will be all over them in a heartbeat!)
Orange usually really is not my colour, but I think these would work really well as a splash of colour for Spring, and would not be too bad only on my feet. How awesome would they look with my pale purple pastel skinny jeans
In fact, I think they would look pretty great with any colour of pastel  or bright colour block skinnies, so you can pick your personal preference! You can shop around, but I think these shades from Topshop would really complete the (bottom half) of your outfit! 

Do you think I should take the plunge and go for these trainers? Does anyone else own a pair of wedges trainers? How comfortable are they, and what do you wear them with? 

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  1. I have a problem with wedged trainers in every form! Just can't stand them but this one looks relatively tolerable. Loved the pastel jeans though! The purple one would go lovely with you Cambridge satchel. xx

  2. These are pretty! These can go with any jeans I think! I think you should buy them, these are definitely one of the prettiest I've ever seen!

  3. I saw your tweet saying 'wedge trainers' and immediately thought I'd hate them - but they're actually not too bad! I think as that style isn't particularly chunky they look quite cool.

  4. great post, love those wedge trainers!


  5. studentandthecity28 February 2012 at 11:25

    I like high tops, but not with a chunky wedge like that. I imagine they would be quite clunky to walk in too.
    R xx

  6. Ash sneakers look so good ! great pick!


  7. Wedged high tops are freaking hot!

  8. pretty cute shoes ...but the Isabel Marant's basket are the best!!

  9. oh gosh i LOVE this trend!
    did a blog feature on it a while ago... still swooning over it!!

  10. I'm still so confused with them! I can't decide my feelings towards them. No denying they look cool when paired with skinny jeans.

  11. These are adorable! They look like they'd be comfy as well, they remind me of Isabel Marant :)

  12. I don't know about the trainers, but I do like the pants. I have similar ones in turquoise! :D

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