Friday, 3 February 2012

Weekly Love: Week 92

1. If you are at all curious about Soap & Glory's newish cosmetics line, you can get a full sized Thick & Fast Soap & Glory black mascara free with the new March issue of Elle UK (the one with Alexa Chung on the cover!) I'm not sure about how scarily big the wand is, but it gives a really good curl, length and volume to your lashes. 
DSC_0375 2. On Monday night I headed up to North London to attend #zomgbloggersbash. It was a wonderful evening, and it was lovely to be able to catch up with some of my favourite bloggers - I've posted some pictures from the event on my Tumblr page!

3. Over the last week or so I've been trying out lots of great beauty and skincare products. Stay tuned on The Glossy Guide for some reviews of some great skincare products from Clinique and L'Occitaine I have been sampling, but one products I have been really impressed with is Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream - I can't believe that I had not tried it before!
DSC_0321 4. I made Rose's Fancy Fish 'N' Chips for dinner last week and I swear that girl deserves a gold medal for some of her recipes! 

5. I just had to mention the 100th episode of Gossip Girl. It was Gossip Girl that really got me interested in clothes, fashion and really is one of the reasons I'm writing this blog today! (Oh, by the way my blog had its 3rd Birthday this week, and I'm running a little Hobbs jewellery giveaway to celebrate!) From the fashion, the beautiful bouquet to the beautiful bridesmaids dresses the episode was a fashion triumph, but it really was the writing that blew me away.  Those of you who have seen it, who could possibly have seen that coming?! Also, I think I'm going to have to go through and watch every episode all over again. I'm not sure that we really know who Gossip Girl is now... 
6. Along with a couple of other bloggers, I've been given an exclusive preview of some of the lookbook images and product photos of some of the new Motel collection that will be hitting the online store for the S/S12 season. Not only do I adore this photo from the lookbook, but  I think I am going to need that dress in my life!

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What have you been enjoying this week?


  1. Was going to say I love the sparkly nails, but then was caught off guard by "The Psychology of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo!" That sounds amazing! I have to check it out.

    Doux Rousse

  2. Ah I love Gossip Girl too! Great links. xoxo ;)

  3. Lots of great links here! Can't wait to browse through them all. I really want to try that fish and chips recipe!

  4. Oh dear, come to Paris and I'll take you to Shakespeare and Co. <3

  5. Oh my good god that food looks delicious. I've been tempted to buy Elle this month because of the nail polish!

  6. I love the new Motel collection as well. Everything's so gorgeous. And OMG at those literature inspired nails! I wish I could do those. Really interested to read about blog branding!

  7. A website that tells me where to go for drinks and when? Sign me up :)


  8. We play Quidditch at ANU, too - it's really big in Australia! In fact, after AFL, it's probably the biggest varsity sport :)

  9. Okkk I definitely need to get this months Elle magazine...Elle, Alexa AND free Soap & Glory mascara, that's a triple win! :) Also, I loveeee Rose's blog and all her recipes are amazing!

    Gem x