Sunday, 4 March 2012

California Cool: Posso x Volcom Spring 2012

On Thursday afternoon I headed over to Brick Lane to spend half an hour or so in Los Angeles. (Or, as close as you'll ever get to actually being in the City of the Angels in the East End of London. The sun was also really shining and it was warm for the first time in months, which really helped!) 'Los Angeles' was the Canoe Inc. showroom to meet Californian DJ and design duo Posso and to view their Spring 2012 collection they have designed for the quintessentially Californian lifestyle brand Volcom.
Vanessa and Marylouise were really lovely, and it was wonderful to hear them explain the collection they designed (and that they looked so fantastic in!) to us. They were going for versatility, such as this black dress being worn off the shoulder, which can also be worn on the other shoulder, as a cape dress or with the fabric sitting in a scoop neck at the front, and this draped jersey wrap cardigan that can be wrapped as a dress, worn under a jacket or slung over one shoulder.
Following on from the theme of versatility, I loved how the pieces were basic and in shades of black and white (we all know how much I love wearing black!), so they can be paired with practically anything. Their basic-ness also means that they could really be dressed up with accessories, or mixed with bright or patterned vintage pieces for a totally different look.
Sidetracking from the girls and their collection for a moment, the first thing I noticed when I stepped into the effortlessly cool Canoe Inc. showroom was this wonderful wall of signed polaroids from the bands, actors and generally awesome people who had stopped by!
The only print in the collection was this aztec style black and white, which comes as a sheer vest, cropped jersey vest and a simply beautiful and lust worthy asymmetric skirt which I really think I need in my life! As well as that I don't really wear bright colours and I live in a lot of black, I'm not a very print person, feeling more comfortable in plain or striped products. However, the fact this print is black and white, and that it is effortlessly freeform, makes me really want it!
My absolute favourite piece in the collection has to be the two part structural black bikini. The top has some beautiful lacing at the back and would look amazing under a sheer shirt or vest (or by itself, so very LA), and I adore how high wasted (and therefore very flattering) the bottoms are.
Something else from the collection that I totally loved were these wonderful white headphones, which would make the perfect accessory to the entire collection - just plug in and jack up the sound!

They also designed a wonderful black travel back that can be carried over your shoulder or wheeled, which is big enough to store vinyl and has a special inside pouch to fit a Macbook - the whole thing is also lined with the awesome aztec print.

There is so much from this collection I really, really want - so watch this space! The girls also gave us a preview of some of their look book photos for the Summer 2012 collection, which is pretty awesome too! You can buy some of the collection Spring at the Volcom store on the Seven Dials in Covent Garden if you are based in London, and you can check out online stockists for all over the world on the Volcom website


  1. gorgeous photos, I love the structures bikini!

  2. Thecitylovesfashion4 March 2012 at 11:22

    nice post

  3. Desiree Laidler4 March 2012 at 16:29

    I just discovered your amazing blog! Such a great post and great pictures, would love it if you could take a look at my blog.
    A new follower

  4. Although I'm originally from the pacific Northwest it seems that these are a little too surfer West coast for my tastes. It doesn't stop me from admiring it though!

  5. So obsessed with the collection! It was definitely one of my favourite press events of the season.

  6. I've aways loved the surfer West Coast aesthetic, but fell into more of the preppy clothes because I grew up in Kent, the area described at 'the Garden on England' where it is all English countryside, and I now live in London - surfer chic is not really suitable!

  7. great post! i've enjoyed so much reading it!

    Kisses from Barcelona!

  8. I really like the black and white aztec print pieces. The polaroid wall is a great idea! x

  9. This just goes to show I shouldn't have stopped checking out their stuff when I turned 16. Volcom used to be my favourite brand back when I was a 15 year old Sk8er girl. Don't you dare laughing, Rachel! ; )

    -Elodie x

  10. can't go wrong with a black ensemble!
    and also..another great event!!!