Friday, 30 March 2012

Weekly Love: Week 99

Today marks the end of my last week living in London full time. I had my last lecture of the year this morning, and though I have my flat until June and I'll be running backwards and forwards to attend meetings, events, two exams and to see friends, I'm catching the train back to Canterbury and now getting all my post sent to my parents house. I have enjoyed London, but I think I am going to enjoy having my base this Summer in the country a lot more - can you imagine living in London during the Olympics? It would be a total nightmare! 
1. Shooting Easter campaign images for Pilgrims Nook Holiday Cottages. | 2. The truffle 'H' box from Hotel Chocolate my friend Ed gave me for my birthday. | 3. Alix made my Green Pea & Mozzarella Soup for lunch and took this lovely photo of it on Instagram! | 4. Spring themed mini cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery at the Nicole Levy A/W12 Press Day | 5. On Sunday I spent the morning shooting in Hyde Park for Havianas Espadrilles with two of my lovely readers, Laura & Laura! (The latter of the pair wrote this lovely post on the morning!) | 6. Social Media 'Like' & 'Share' M&M's c/o Ebuzzing.

What have you been enjoying this week? (Aside from all of the beautiful sunshine!)


  1. It definitely would be a nightmare to live in London during the Olympics. Sounds like you're gonna be busy going back and forth though!

  2. I'm so glad I wont have to deal with London in the Summer - imagine the commute to work, argh! x

  3. I have a cookbook from the Primrose bakery, and, how funny, just yesterday I tried out one of their recipes and it was DELICIOUS! First time I tried making cupcakes without help from Betty Crocker or Sara Lee. Now I just have to practice frosting the cool way they do it!

  4. I'm going to miss having you in London!!! Let me know next time you're down and we can hang out at the Diner (Covent Garden, of course).
    I loved that post on books vs kindle. My new tablet has a kobo reader, so looks like I'll be seeing for myself the difference! Although, I think I'll always prefer books.

  5. How are you done for the year already?! Good God, I'm a bit jealous. My third of four terms hasn't even finished yet!

    Have an amazing summer x