Monday, 9 April 2012

Introducing: Eleanor Doughty

Today, I would like to introduce you all to some of the breathtaking photography by my stupidly talented friend Eleanor Doughty. The first time I stumbled across her photography, a few weeks after we first met I was totally blown away. I dabble in fashion photography at times, I hope to get some more done over the Summer, but I could only dream for my pictures to come out looking so colourful, whimsical and iconic!
As well as photography and styling, she is always interning at god knows how many top tier glossy and weekly magazines, and contributes as a fashion writer to Idol Magazine.
Eleanor also has a pretty awesome fashion blog called Much Too Much, which I absolutely urge you to check out! You can also follow her on TwitterPinterest and check out more of her photos on Flickr
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Do any of you have any amazingly talented friends whose work you think deserves a shout out? I'd love it if you could link me to them in your comments! 


  1. Her photography is amazing! What a talented lady - thank you for sharing her work with us!

  2. Great post :) amazing phots :) I hope you will follow my blog

  3. Such gorgeous photos, these are lovely!

    Maria xxx

  4. She's so talented! And she was so nice when I met her. These photos are so amazing.

  5. I love these photos, made me feel very inspired!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  6. These are amazing pictures! She's very talented!! Love your blog! :)