Thursday, 19 April 2012

Press Day, Canoe Inc. A/W12: Vans, Volcom & Breo

This morning I headed over to what has to be one of my favourite press days so far, a viewing of AW12 collections of some pretty awesome lifestyle brands represented by Canoe Inc. at the Vinyl Factory in SoHo. I love Canoe because they represent a brand I absolutely love, Volcom, but first up is a brand I used to loathe, but I now kinda love: Vans. I still hate their classic slip on shoe, but the rest of their stuff is actually awesome. 
The first thing I was drawn to when I had stepped out of the rain were these awesome fluorescent Vans trainers. I really, really want a pair (they have an orange bit on the other side)! They are actually from the teen collection, but they also come in adult sizes. 
DSC_1511 DSC_1500
I also fell in love with these pretty awesome skinny jeans which are both classic and rather unique - they are grey on the front, but jet black on the back!
For the season they have gone into their archives for some pretty cool and classic prints. 
DSC_1509 DSC_1539
Next up, Volcom. (Yes, that is an orange-red Volcom lipstick you spy, but I'm afraid they were made especially for the press day, but I'll be sure to feature it for you as part of an outfit post sometime soon!)
The piece I loved the most was this great faux leather studded vest as part of their Volcomunity collection (look out for my first guest post for Volcomunity, Volcom's awesome lifestyle blog sometime later today!) designed by one of my favourite bloggers, Natalie Suarez from Natalie Off Duty.
Hitting the slopes for a moment, I love their bright, colourful and fun collection of ski socks. Also, the next time I head up into the mountains I need theses amazing studded fluorescent ski gloves to pair with my bright purple Roxy ski jacket. 
DSC_1542 DSC_1563
Finally, I discovered a great new brand this morning I had never heard of before, Breo. They make some pretty fun and funky plastic watches (as well as some great new bangle watches) that are totally waterproof and great for everything active from the gym to water sports. 
However, what I really loved from Breo were their plastic framed, street to sport sunglasses collection. They had some many great shapes, colours and styles so that you'll find absolutely anything to suit anyone in the collection. I walked away with the black pair you can see in the top of the second row - I can't wait to style them!

What is your favourite thing I have pictured here from the Canoe Inc. AW12 Press Day?


  1. Definitely one of my favourite press days too. Love Vans!!!

  2. Oh wow, I love Vans. This looks like such a fab day!

  3. That vest is so amazing, it's actually ridiculous! I'd love to wear that all day every day. And my favorite has to be the 4th photo, me and Vans go way back, lol. :D I used to be all rocker and punkish in highschool, my love for leather and skating shoes remain still though. xx (Previous tea post blew my mind btw, I am craving now for a cup, thanks to you!) xx

  4. Effortlessxcool22 April 2012 at 00:33

    love the aztec printed kicks!

    XO Sahra