Saturday, 21 April 2012

Summer Sandals: See by Chloe

Ever since Susie featured See by Chloe sandals on her blog, and I realised that the Paul & Joe Sister sandals I had been coveting did not fit me, I've been pondering a beautiful pair of Chloe's to add to my shoe collection. I love their clean and simple designs that are right up my street. I think the only question for me is if I should go for a pair of flats, or a pair of heels? I tried on a pair of Chloe heeled sandals in Liberty's the other evening, and they were oh so easy to walk in and rather comfortable too!

How lovely and utilitarian are all of these shoes? I like the white ones, but I am worried that I might get them so horridly dirty, but I think I might get the second pair of flats a bit later in the Summer if I don't find another pair in the shops that I love a little bit more. 

However, I think my heart has been captured by these Traveller heeled sandals, with their slightly romantic scalloped edged detailing, but still clean and basic aesthetic. I have cause to treat myself at the moment, anyway! 

Have you fallen in love with any particular designers recently? 

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  1. You HAVE to buy the white ones you saw in Liberty. They looked amazing on you!

  2. love the tan ones! aaah!

  3. Love these - wondering if they'll have them anywhere in Glasgow?

  4. Claudia Cifuentes21 April 2012 at 12:46

    I love the caramel ones! The white are lovely too. Perhaps you can get those and only wear on special occasions like summer dinners! ;)

  5. You're gonna diiiie when you see the new sandals I bought yesterday!

  6. These sandals are sooooo amazing I just wish they weren't so expensive xx

  7. Rebecca Thompson21 April 2012 at 19:53

    LOVE! X

  8. I love the caramel sandals! They look so pretty and simple!

  9. Those Traveller Heels are bloody perfection. Definitely on my summer wishlist!
    They have me drooling!

    Nay x

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