Saturday, 19 May 2012

Introducing: Vestiaire Collective (My New Online Shopping Addiction)

Today marks the first part of a two part collaboration with what has to be one of the best fashion websites I have come across in a very long time and I am totally obsessed with: Vestiaire Collective. The concept is pretty simple, it is a specially curated shopping site exclusively for designer clothing and accessories, a bit like eBay but with no bidding, just fixed prices, an in built authenticating service and a total dose of awesomeness. Since I found out about the French site that has just launched in the UK I have spend absolutely hours browsing the amazing current collection and sought after past collection items to be found at amazing prices on the site, some of the things never even worn or used, or just worn once or twice. 
Prada Organza Lime Green Shirt, size 10-12: £337.76, Miu Miu Glitter Heels, size 5: £273.43, Marni Statement Necklace: £144.76, Prada Printed Skirt, size 12: £394.06

I think this lime green Prada shirt would be the perfect casual piece for Summer. I think Rumi Neeley has it, or it in a different colour? Speaking of Prada, how totally awesome is this black and white photo print skirt, and I really wish the sandals below were in my size when I was shopping. Prada shoes for only about £200?! I was also pretty peeved about the lack of Miu Miu shoes in my size. These pumps are my size, but I won't get on with this style of shoe, but now sold were some of those awesome embellished glitter and spike Miu Miu trainers in gold and lime green. Another style note, if your patient and check the site every day I'm pretty sure you could get your hands on some Isabel Marrant wedge trainers - I missed a pair in my size by about two days... 
Prada Pumps, size 6.5: £201.05, Acne Dress, size 10: £112.59, Antik Batik Python Bag: £160.84, Jimmy Choo Sandals, size  5: £361.89

I think this Acne dress for only £113 is a total steal, size 10, less than an All Saints dress even, and I'm still quite tempted by it. Also, please remind me why these Jimmy Choos in my size were not on the site while I had a little money to spend?!
So I could get to try out the whole process for myself the wonderful team at Vestiaire Collective hooked my up with some vouchers, and do you remember this beautiful black and gold See by Chloe bag I street style snapped during London Fashion Week? (It is from the AW10 collection I think) I managed to track it down for just under £250, brand new from Paris, and for part 3 of my Vestiaire Collective collaboration I can't wait to share outfit photos of it with you! I've been watching the tracking on my dashboard from purchase, to it being received by the authenticators in Paris to it being dispatched out to me, and it should arrive any day now!

Luckily for you guys, my fellow bloggers and I are not the only ones that the wonderful Vestiaire Collective team want to treat to celebrate their UK launch; keep your eyes out for my second Vestiaire Collective post over the next few days where the team will be giving £500 to spend on their site (hello new pair of Louboutins or Mulberry handbag) and some £100 and £200 vouchers (a pair of Prada sunglasses maybe?) If it were not for finding my new Chloe bag, I would be really jealous of the future winners right now! 

Have any of you heard of or used Vestiaire Collective before, maybe the French version? I'm going to try and see if my Kat Maconie boots I wore to London Fashion Week will make the cut to sell, as I'm not really enamoured with them as I used to be!


  1. The is the best giveaway ever, I'll keep your blog open 24 hours a day until the new post comes, LOL. Loved the website, oh dear. xxx

  2. They seem like a great site. I've been checking them out since you mentioned that you got the Chloe bag from there!
    P.S. I would probably kind of die happy if I win that upcoming giveaway.

  3. I actually know a few people who ordered from the French version and it is just as good. And you bet I am going to enter that giveaway! That's what you get for mentioning Mulberry! ; ) x

  4. I've just gone onto the Vestiaire site, amazing! Thanks for introducing it to me!

  5. I asked on a fashion website is vestiaire was a replica selling site and they replied it was.
    I'd be eternally grateful if you would just confirm, or deny, this fact.

  6. No, everything on Vestiaire is genuine. Everything is authenticated by professionals, and the Chloe bag I recently ordered ( came with all the genuine authentication documentation.

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