Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Press Day: Forever 21 AW12

On Thursday night I was very excited to be invited to preview the upcoming Autumn Winter collection from Forever 21, my favourite high street store. (Okay, excited is a bit of an understatement. I know it is only just another Press Day, but my friends who were in my kitchen when the invite came will confirm I literally squealed with excitement. Eye rolling ensued). The evening itself was fantastic; they served up amazing canopies (I could not get enough of the perfectly boiled quails eggs with chilli salt) and the Forever 21 team let us all know for sure that neon is still going to be with us once the Summer is over! What I loved about the whole collection is that while you could tell it is Autumn Winter, the pieces could actually apply to any time of the year; thats what you get from a brand based in Los Angeles!
My only disappointment was that there was not a lot of Forever 21 jewellery, always one of my favourite parts of the store on display, save what had been used to style the clothes. However, from what we did see there is an awful lot to look forward to! I especially loved this standout statement geometric necklace, as well as the great one shoulder neon top it was embellishing for that matter!
DSC_2907 f21
I was also a fan of the neon, colour block scarfs that were adorning several of the mannequins, as well as the various several fabric pleather jackets in the collection, dotted throughout the room.
DSC_2895 DSC_2865
We were all surprised to see that space print still seems to be going strong, but I throughout this sheer blouse was pretty cute. In other news, I had to get a picture of Lucy's outfit in there somewhere; all afternoon, from the moment we started hanging out at lunchtime I kept on having to mention how awesome I thought it was that she was dressed like a watermelon, a particular favourite fruit of hers!
I think out of all of the Autumn Winter collections I have previewed over the last few weeks, Forever 21 was the one I was most excited about as it is my favourite high street store, and it was my favourite to view; it really did not disappoint; you can guarantee lots of these items will be featured in my outfit posts towards the end of this year, so watch this space!


  1. Wow, there's some seriously fashion forward pieces in there. Just what I like to see on the high street!

  2. I'm glad they say neon will still be with us once summer is over. I've bought so many neon pieces! I love that statement geometric necklace. Their jewelry always draws me in. The dresses in the last picture look pretty!


  3. Cool colors and elegant cuts! That is where fashion and style come to place!

  4. What an exciting event! F21 is doing great at the moment and our local shopping centre in Manchester is opening a huge F21 store (controversially right next to Newlook!) very exciting.
    Love the neon scarf too and the top with exposed zip and contrast binding looks like a perfect classic piece.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think they are opening one in Bluewater too, which makes me happy as it is my local big shopping place when I'm not in London! Why is it controversial that they are placing it near New Look? High street stores are near each other all the time, and they actually have very different clothes in both their stores?

  6. Loving that sheer space print blouse!