Friday, 4 May 2012

Weekly Love: Week 102

After finally passing my driving test at the end of last week (!!!) this week has included another mini trip back up to London for a very important and exciting meeting relating to the big secret I'm just bursting to reveal to you all (I don't have a reveal date yet, but I hope it will be some time next month!), the Batiste Lace Party, some more catch-ups with friends and most importantly to vote for Boris in the London Mayor elections. I'm off to test my new found freedom by driving into Canterbury to pick up my friend Kathryn this evening, instead of the other way around! 
1. Batiste Cupcakes at the Batiste Lace Party. | 2. My nail polish shade of the week, Essie's 'To Buy Or Not To Buy. | 3. My obligatory watermelon Pinkberry with chocolate curls, strawberry, mango and raspberry.  | 4. Delicious Brazilian Barbecue Ribs at Cabana Brazilian Barbecue at Westfield, Stratford City | 5. I fell totally in love with the 'Natural' April Glossybox. | 6. Beautiful wedge trainers from The Kooples, modeled by Sherin.

What have you been enjoying this week?


  1. mmm those cupcakes look heavenly! xx

  2. Congrats on passing the driving test! The novelty still hasn't faded for me, I love the freedom of being able to drive.

  3. Yay for passing your driving test! And I seriously can't wait to get those shoes. They should be delivered soon!

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