Saturday, 30 June 2012

California Cool: Planet Blue Tropical Squeeze Summer 2012

I rarely ever post look book or editorial images, but there is something about the constant and incredible standard of the look books brought out by Californian clothing brand Planet Blue that make me jump up and down with excitement every time I see that they have come up with a new one. I'm only going to be able to take one big suitcase of clothes with me to Los Angeles so I will need a bit of a wardrobe restock when I get there, and I think Planet Blue is going to be one of the first places I'm going to look. I won't be arriving in LA until September; I'm spending the rest of the Summer in Canterbury and visiting family on the Isle Of Man, these sunny, tropical themes images are making me very, very exciting for my new home on the West Coast! 
TropicalSqueeze-pg01 TropicalSqueeze-pg06 TropicalSqueeze-pg07 TropicalSqueeze-pg08 TropicalSqueeze-pg09 TropicalSqueeze-pg11 TropicalSqueeze-pg12TropicalSqueeze-pg16TropicalSqueeze-pg17 TropicalSqueeze-pg18
Whose lookbooks do you find particularly inspiring? I've also been drooling over Sea Dream, another totally flawless Summer loving Planet Blue offering! 

Friday, 29 June 2012

Weekly Love: Week 106

On Sunday afternoon I arrived back from my lovely French holiday well rested and eager to go again - though it was such an incredible feeling to be without my phone and an internet connection for an entire week! Apart from that, the week has been rather normal aside from what you now know was my interview at the American Embassy in London on Tuesday to get my visa approved for my move to Los Angeles in September! Thank you for all your wonderful and sweet congtatulations messages: they really meant a lot to me. Last night after an afternoon at the beach where I accidentally turned into a lobster I headed back to school for the first time since I left last Summer for what was my favourite event on the school calendar - the sunset jazz concert on the lawn in front of the Cathedral that always kicks off the last week of the school year.
1. The stunning blue sea on a little beach tucked away on Cotes d'Amour in Brittany, Northern France. I adore the ocean, and on every beach we stopped at the part of our coast we had not yet explode I took off my shoes and wandered down to the sea to walk through the spray for a while - and getting hideously sunburnt during the process! | 2. Delicious iced smoothies at Chambers of Canterbury. | 3. Une Eclaire Chocolate et une Flan Apricot from a lovely little patisserie in Antran, a village near us in France. | 4. Chorizo scrambled eggs, pancakes and hash browns from Chambers. | 5. In the seaside town of Cancal, one of my favourite Brittany haunts there is a small fish market at the foot of the pier selling mussels and oysters. The oysters come ready to eat on a tray with half a lemon and people sit on the walls by the oyster beds eating, then discarding the shells and lemons onto the pebble beach so that now there is a mountain of discarded shells and lemons there which is actually pretty amazing once you realise what it is. | 6. Canterbury Cathedral at night.

What have you been enjoying this week? Anyone posted any amazing travel pictures from their Summer holidays yet or any delicious food snaps from around the world I can drool over?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Places To Eat In Brittany: Le Cancalais, Cancale

While I usually confine my 'Places To Eat' features to London where I know a very large majority of my readers live, or in Canterbury where I also have quite a strong readership, today I wanted to share with you Le Cancalais, an incredible seafront restaurant with some of the best seafood I have ever had in Brittany in case any of you happen upon the Breton coast on your travels - it is not to be missed! It is also a hotel, so if you were looking to holiday in the region it might be a good place to consider staying. They have most seafood on the menu and I enjoy looking at what other diners order, from massive plates of Fruits de Mer that take up the whole table or massive lobsters cooked in garlic butter. The restaurant is actually rather expensive if you order A La Carte, with a lobster coming in at about 55€, but their 3 course 15€ a head set menu is amazing and never disappoints with three options per course.  

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Update: I'm Moving To Los Angeles

No, the title of this post was not just a ploy to get your attention. You know the massive news I have been hinting about in my posts and Tweets since December that I promised I'd tell you all about soon? Now, you've got to understand that I have quite literally been buzzing to write this post since I found out in the middle of December, but I wanted to find out exactly where I was going, and until I was sure I had my visa before I made it public. I'm moving Los Angeles. I will be leaving at the begining of September and living there for a whole year and attending classes at UCLA (slight side note, a few weeks ago Refinery 29's feature got me very excited about UCLA street style). A couple of months on from finding out and I'm still bouncing off of the walls. I really wanted to shout it from the rooftops when I wrote the first half of this story in a guest post for awesome Californian blogging site Volcomunity under the guise of a post on why you should never give up on your dreams; I was worried I'd given it away then that people would realise that that was my big secret and put two and two together, but no one did!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Recipe: Hot King Prawns In Garlic Butter

As my first original (not adapted from an existing recipe from a book or blog) recipe I want to feature on my blog this Summer, as well as the first recipe I'm bringing you from my French kitchen I wanted to share with you all my absolute all time favourite thing to cook with my father that we make every time we come to Brittany together where seafood like the prawns necessary for this recipe are cheap and in abundance: King Prawns cooked in hot and delicious garlic butter. 
Hot King Prawns In Garlic Butter #prawns #shrimp #shellfish #seafood
Aside from the incredible taste, what I love about this recipe is that it is so stupidly easy to make and is great as a lunch or a light supper, serve with lovely fresh crusty bread to mop up the delicious butter from the bottom of your bowl. Of course, as we always make this in France we opt for freshly baked pieces of crusty French stick from the local bakery. 
Hot King Prawns In Garlic Butter #prawns #shrimp #shellfish #seafood
All you need is a large lump of unsalted butter (I know I have pictured half salt butter, but it also works and it is all we could get at the local shop as I'd forgotten to pick some up at the supermarket, unsalted butter is preferable though as it is much creamier and creates a much better flavour), a couple of big fat garlic cloves, a bunch of fresh parsley and some large cooked, shell on prawns. If you are making this in most parts of England, or really anywhere inland I would recommend you use large king prawns, but the ones I am using here are in fact just large prawns. If you live near the coast and can get them this size go for it, because the taste will be so much sweeter than with actual king prawns. 
Hot King Prawns In Garlic Butter #prawns #shrimp #shellfish #seafood
The incredibly fresh and sized seafood available in Brittany, as a seafood lover is one of my favourite things about the region and its seaside towns, both from fish markets and even from the big supermarkets where I would not dream of picking up good seafood in England. This large box cost 9€ and can serve about 6 people - we polished if off between the two of us over a lunch and two light suppers after we had eaten out at lunchtime. 
Hot King Prawns In Garlic Butter #prawns #shrimp #shellfish #seafood
The process of cooking is really simple. Melt 4 or 5 thick slices of butter in a pan over a medium heat until it is bubbling slightly. If you are using even slightly salted butter take extra care to make sure the butter does not burn as the salt makes this a lot more likely. Peel and either finely chop or crush the garlic and stir that into the butter before adding the prawns until they cover the bottom of the pan. Toss them every few minutes so they are entirely coated in the butter and they start to heat through. While you are doing this, melt a few more thick slices of butter into the pan around the prawns. Once the butter has turned slightly orange, smells amazing and the prawns have heated through, stir in a very large handful of chopped parsley and serve the prawns in slightly warmed bowls to stop the butter from starting to set in the bottom as you eat. 

While I like this as an indulgent meal (I make the excuse that the amount of butter I consume with prawns and melted with sugar over crepes when I am in France is okay because I don't have any butter in my sandwiches or on toast during the year), if you are putting together a Summer dinner party for friends for a quick and delicious starter you can serve four or five of these garlic prawns in the middle of a bed of dressed salad leaves and leave little finger bowls of hot water with slices of fresh lemon in around the table - a fancy starter that takes almost no effort at all! 

What is the most delicious and foolproof dish you like to make while you are away on holiday? If anyone tries this, I'd really love to hear what you think!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Summer Holiday Reading List 2012

Though I don't really get much time for it these days, I'm a massive reader and a great advocate for the written word. When I was a kid I used to read a book a day, and now while I try to have a book on the go and I still read loads as I'm doing English Literature at university, but actual books I want to read for myself? Novels? Political and historical biographies? As I have already mentioned earlier in the week I'm in France at the moment, and the house in France where I don't have phones and internet (the main reasons I don't get as much read as I used to) is a place where I try to get some writing done and be creative, as well as the place I try to get back to my old standard of one a day. I don't write much about books on this blog which I think is a shame, so I thought I'd share my holiday reading list for this week with you all. 
Hilary Mantel

A little known fact about me (unless you happen to have had to put up with being in my Literatures In Time seminar group this year, sorry I never shut up!) is that I am a total nut for anything and everything to do with the 16th century and the Tudor court. There was a time when I would absolutely devour every single new release that came out about the era, so I can't believe I have taken the acclaimed Tudor political thriller Wolf Hall on three consecutive holidays without starting it (I very nearly started it last year, but I got distracted by One Day). Hopefully this will be the year?

Laura Jane Cassidy

Next on my list is Eighteen Kisses, the second novel by blogger Laura Jane Cassidy. I reviewed the first book in the series Angel Kiss when it came out, both for this blog and The Guardian, and I'm really looking forward to delving into this second one as I don't get to read much teen fiction anymore as I'm not writing for The Guardian's Childrens Books site anymore. If you like teen fiction that is totally realistic, in tune while still being occupied with the supernatural, if you're a teen or an adult I know you'll enjoy Angel Kiss, and I'm sure Eighteen Kisses is going to be up to the same standard too.  

Amanda Foreman

I've actually had this book on my 'to read' pile for years, ever since the brilliant film starring Kiera Knightly came out but that pile is so big I kept on not getting around to reading the story of Georgina the rebellious Duchess. It caught my eye as I was choosing titles, and while I don't usually choose books of this ilk I'm looking forward to reading it and I think I'm going to really enjoy it. If any of you have read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments section!

Kazuo Ishiguro

Another paperback I've had for ages, this one since AS Level English Literature where I was supposed to by studying it before I switched to another class who were studying modern drama instead. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it and I gather it has been made into a film - has anyone seen it? It is also supposed to be a heart wrenching story and Ishiguro is supposed to be a fantastic writer - a bit of a change of pace! 

Randsom Riggs

A bit of a random shot into the list, this is a review copy I was sent in my capacity as a reviewer over at Judging Covers. I'm curious as it is a mixed media book, incorporating photos into the text, and the promise of a group of children stumbling on sinister goings on and secrets on a small island sounds promising!

Sonia Purnell

Finally the only hardback; the book I'm reading at the moment and about 100 pages in. Also, strangely for me the only book associated with modern politics. This was actually a Christmas present from my Aunt, and as I have spent months listening to people who work for London's enigmatic mayor telling me that the whole thing is rubbish I was curious. I'm taking it all with a pinch of salt (I've spent enough time hanging around Westminster to know that is the only way to read a political book) but it is a really interesting read and very enjoyable. Love him or hate him, who does not want to know more about Boris Johnson?

What is on your holiday reading list this Summer?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Little Dress Shop (Now Closed)

To celebrate the fact that my favourite dress shop in my idilic hometown of Canterbury has just launched an e-commerce site so you can now all shop there without having to come and visit (though, I really think you ought to do that too - you can check out somewhere on my every growing list of 'Places To Eat In Canterbury' while you're here), I thought I'd reintroduce you to Armoire, or as it is know to the locals: 'The Little Dress Shop'. 

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Summer Sunglasses Shopping Guide (Choosing The Right Shape & Style For You)

Before very recently, at any given time I would only ever own one pair of sunglasses, usually free with Tatler (they do some amazing styles every year with their July issue. I always grab it for the Sunglasses and read the magazine on the journey to France.) As I have started to learn what colours and shapes best suit me I have really been embracing them as an accessory this Summer (as you can see from my ever expanding collection below) they have become an accessory my friends rarely see me without. The lovely team at Breo were kind enough to send me a couple of pairs, which has really helped expand my collection. I love their slick styles, great colours and many, many options. In case you had not noticed from my outfit posts I can't live without my classic black pair, and I'm now so happy to have a white and aqua version to test drive too! 
Red Frames: c/o Breo, Two Tone White & Aqua Frames c/o Breo, Tortoiseshell Cat Wing Frames: c/o Polaroid, Big Eye Arm Detail Frames: c/o House of Harlow, Two Tone Black & Grey Frames: c/o Breo, Gold Detail Tortoiseshell Frames: Accessorize, Round Tortoiseshell Frames: Tatler (this months edition)

Every girl needs a good pair of classic styled sunglasses to start off her collection. Classic frames in classic colours go with almost everything, so are a fantastic go to pair for every day. The style that suits me best, and I think is one of the most universally suited styles that suits all face shapes except for round are Wayfarer style which are first on my list, either the cult Ray-Ban frames I still want to get my hands on, or versions by other brands like my favoured Breo pair you can get in all hosts of colours for only £20 each. 

Another style I think suits almost everyone are classic aviators, and I'm going to try and add a pair to my collection next. Also, on the far right, half Wayfarer's suit people with a thinner or more elongated face, or people who's personal style errs on the vintage side. Another classic style which suits every face type as long as you choose the right size to match your face and your personality are big round and square 'Hollywood' style glasses which look great with more of a luxe look than the other styles would.

Once you have a 'core' pair of sunglasses you can start thinking about adding other shapes to your collection. Spawned by this Miu Miu pair cat eyes have become very popular, especially as they suit all face types, again as long as you have the personality to match. My mother is not a fan, but I love my pair the guys at Polaroid hooked me up with
Miu Miu Cat Eye Sunglasses: £225, The Row Square Frame Sunglasses: £240, Prada Round Frame Embellished Arm Sunglasses: £215, Dasha for Illestva Round Frame Sunglasses: £270

I've never tried a pair of square frames, but after browsing Pinterest for a while I have discovered that they suit long thin faces really well. I love them, but that in mind I don't think that it would be a good idea for me to invest in a pair! On the other hand, I really want a pair of these round Prada sunglasses (they are the ones with the wonderfully embellished curly arms) which will suit all but round  face types, as I think that would just be too much roundness! Another classic style that really suits everyone, especially if you have a vintage style are these slightly winged rounded frames from Illestva - they come in lots of different colours and even have neon style too!

Speaking of colours, once you own a classic pair and thought a bit about shapes, you can start thinking of some of the great colour variants that are out there. While you might be tempted to go for colours you think look striking or will go with particular outfits, I would suggest you look at your Summer wardrobe, and look at which colours are the most prevalent, then think what colours would correspond so you can get the most out of your Sunglasses. 
Carven Pink Framed Sunglasses: £235, Thierry Lasry Blue Detail Sunglasses: £250Prada D Frame Striped Sunglasses: £185, Miu Miu Purple Aviators: £130

What are your favourite pair of sunglasses, either that you own or you have put at the top of your wish list? 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Weekly Love: Week 105

As people who have been reading my blog for a long time will know, while I lived in London for 9 months and I moved back to Canterbury for the Summer in March, I usually mean to spend a week in every month at my other home in Brittany, Northern France. Because I've been in London, and because we've been launching Pilgrims Nook Holiday Cottages I could not believe it when I looked at my calendar and realised that I have not been to France in over 9 months things have been so hectic. 9 months is way too long, so on Sunday morning I'm going to be heading off to France for a week, and hopefully a trip or two to my favourite haunts of Cancal and St Malo and a generally well deserved holiday. One of the reasons it is really going to be a holiday for me is I have no phones and internet in France so I'll truly be unplugged. I've got some posts lined up for while I'm away, including lots of pictures from various AW12 press days I attended in London a few weeks ago. I'll be back with lots of French photo diaries and food features, but you can see my French post archive here!
1. The amazing view of the London City skyline out of the window of the flat Kathryn is moving out of this week. On the far left, the almost completed Shard, then the Gherkin and the financial district. I could not fit it in the picture, but she could also see London Eye and St Pauls this year. | 2. The amazing walls of The Breakfast Club, Soho. | 3. Editing my photos for my Diamond Jubilee post still dressed up as a Seventies flower girl. | 4.  Blogger Off Duty: Still wearing the flower garland I made at the MINKPINK party, listening to my iPod and reading Foam on the train from London Victoria to Canterbury East. | 5. MINKPINK cocktails - I love fun 3D tropical fruit straws! | 6. I told Kathryn it was not the weather to be driving in a convertible, but she just would not listen to me - so cold, and thank god my hair was tied up that day! 

Just a note to let you know that I'm taking part in a blogger challenge while I am away from Cox & Kings, a company that provides tailor made holidays. My packing guide for a dream trip to Sorrento in Italy will go off while I'm in France which is my entry, but you can view my accompanying Pinterest board now if you want! I had such fun putting the post together - I really must travel more so I can have more luxury holidays to blog about!

Finally, my amazingly talented fashion friend Eleanor has entered to be one of the interns who get to take over and edit the October issue of Elle and it would be amazing if you could support her entry by liking it on Facebook and sharing it on Twitter (as well as actually reading it)!

What have you been enjoying this week? 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Swimwear For Girls With A Bigger Bust

Everyone knows how obsessed I am with Forever 21. They have some fantastically printed, brightly coloured bikinis at such great prices in at the moment but there is only one problem. I doubt you'd be able to fit into them if you're anything more than a C cup, at a push. You know the beautiful swimwear I featured from TAVIK last month? DD at a push, if you get creative and you're selective with the styles.  In my post in January, 'Lingerie For Girls With A Bigger Bust' I complained that the mainstream should realise that girls are sometimes smaller than a 32 back, and bigger than a D cup. The problem is still there, albiet a bit worse with swimwear, as you actually have to move around in the water in your bikini, and if there is an accidental slip, there are not any clothes to cover it up! This season I was happy to discover ASOS now do bikini's up to an F cup (still unfair to girls FF and up though!) but it still took me a long time to find a cute bikini I liked and I could still swim lengths and play around in the sea in. 
Figleaves Sailor Striped Halter Neck Bikini Top: £28, Figleaves Sailor Striped Bikini Short: £18

Though I was not that enamoured for the styles for myself this year, Bravissimo is usually my favourite place to shop with their beautiful styles in practically all sizes. If only this pretty pink bikini came in a rich purple... 
Bravissimo Pink Bikini: from £50, Bravissimo Pureda Cote D'Azur Bikini: from £52, Bravissimo Free Calypso Bikini: from £58

As I mentioned, ASOS now to a 'DD+' range on their site which I have not tried myself, but look pretty awesome with some great prints varying styles and the option of buying high waisted bottoms (very flattering) with some designs - I really want to get a navy high waisted pair of bottoms to wear with my new Figleaves bikini top (if you see a pair, let me know where!)
ASOS 50's Underwater Print Halterneck Bikini Top: £20, ASOS 50's Underwater print Bikini Bottoms: £14ASOS Hibiscus Print Fuller Bust Bikini Top: £18, ASOS Hibiscus Print High Waisted Bikini Bottoms: £14, ASOS Leaf Print Halter Bigger Bust Bikini Top: £11, ASOS Leaf Print High Waisted Bikini Bottoms: £14

Finally, for flattering one pieces we have the store my bikini is from, Figleaves. The first black swimsuit comes in a range of bra sizes and I think is wonderfully sexy, the peach Seafolly number is from the core range but is suitable for bigger busted ladies, and is the lovely black halter suit from Figleaves' own range. 
Empreinte Naples Black Swimsuit: £124, Seafolly Peach Swimsuit: £92, Figleaves Halter Draped Swimsuit: £55

Those of you who are like me and are quite limited by the swimwear you can buy, have you bought your Summer swimwear yet? Where did you buy it from, and where do you usually look? (P.S. If you fit regular bikini sizes, I'm currently giving away a Volcom aquamarine bikini!)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Places To Eat In Canterbury: The Rose Inn, Wickhambreaux

*under new ownership*

I'm a 100% British, 100% country girl at heart, so there is nothing I like better than a good traditional meal in a good English pub. Last weekend was the first time I'd eaten at The Rose Inn, the local village pub of the beautiful little village of Wickhambreaux, just outside Canterbury. I had been promised that the food was fantastic, and the moment I walked in I loved that the atmosphere was that of a 'real' country pub, not the imitations that have been cropping up in recent years, or landlords have tried to recreate in Central London with simply unauthentic results. 

Monday, 4 June 2012

Places To Eat In Whitstable: Williams and Brown Tapas

While I may have become pretty good at knowing the best places to eat in London, as well as finding a few hidden gems while putting together my 'Places To Eat In London' feature, even though it is now part of my job to find the best places to eat in South East Kent so I can review them for guests at Pilgrims Nook Holiday Cottages, outside of Canterbury I had no idea of where to start finding places in the area I have lived in my entire life. I actually found out about Williams & Brown, a lovely little tapas bar in the picturesque seaside town of Whitstable from a newspaper cutting from a local paper that had been stuck into one of my office files, and Kathryn and I headed over there one night last week for some of the most delicious tapas and freshest seafood I have had in ages. 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Giveaway: Win One Of 6 Pairs Of Tickets To Christian Louboutin At The London Design Museum

In April, you might remember that I spent a stint guest editing the Witness My Revival blog for Lucozade Revive. They have teamed up with the London Design Museum and the Christian Louboutin retrospective to put together special 'Revive Wednesdays' to serve as a lovely little mid week pick me up at the exhibition. As well as what you'd normally see if you were to go and check out the retrospective, there is a special Revive bar area, massage area and chance to win a luxury London weekend (which included £200 Westfield vouchers!) 
To win the tickets all you have to do is follow this blog via Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin' or Hello Cotton, follow @WitnessRevival on Twitter and Tweet: @WitnessRevival wants to give me 2 tickets to Louboutin Mid-week Revival with #rachelphippslouboutin - the guys at Lucozade will be monitoring the hashtag, and will contact the winners after the competition closes on 8th June. The tickets are for Wednesday 13th June, and I'll be hanging around the exhibition that night with a couple of friends, so if you happen to be there, or you win a par of tickets, make sure you come over to me and say hi and introduce yourself! 
I have an overriding love for designer shoes and how they are made so I am really excited to check out the exhibition, has anyone else been yet? What did you think of it? Images from Design Museum.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Happy Diamond Jubilee Weekend To Her Majesty The Queen

I remember the day in my early teens when I saw the Queen in the flesh. I was watching her and the rest of the Royal Family ride by in carriages to the chapel at Windsor Castle out of a friends upstairs window in the Horseshoe Cloister as she arrived to perform the Knights Of The Garter ceremony. I know it may sound silly, especially coming from someone like me with such cynical political views (as those of you who follow me on Twitter will be well aware), but I am honoured to have seen her. My patriotism and love for the monarchy aside, she truly is a remarkable woman; to have done a job that she did not ask for or even expect for so long with such poise, dignity and grace. She is truly amazing, and I think it is only right that we take the next four days to honour her and truly celebrate her regin in true British fashion. 
Now, in my family we don't really observe Bank Holidays, or indeed any holidays aside from Christmas (because I loved the pretty tree when I was little. I still do) and Easter (I know it is supposed to be a religious festival, but chocolate is my religion) so while we have the utmost love and respect for the Queen, we had not really planned to do anything to celebrate past perhaps catching snippets of the barges going down the Thames on television as we go about our extended weekend. So, when Asda got in touch with me about joining in with a special Jubilee Blog Party, I thought it would be something really fun to get involved in. 
My mother and I made a Victoria Sponge cake to mark the occasion, and I am totally infatuated with this beautiful box of Emma Bridgewater fudge that the team at Asda sent over to me. 
DSC_2723 DSC_2696
As well as sending me some bits that made it possible to put together this lovely looking afternoon tea table in one of the Pilgrims Nook cottages, they asked us all to choose a dress from their collection to represent one of the eras of the Queens reign: Welcome to the Seventies, flower power anyone?  
Printed Maxi Dress: c/o George at Asda, Floral Crown: c/o Urban Outfitters

In other news, do you remember the awesome turquoise skull bracelet I featured in this outfit post? Your Fashion Jewellery, the site that sent it to me are offering in celebration of the Jubilee a special 30% off discout to blog readers, just enter blogger30 at the checkout! Motel Rocks are also offering 25% off of everything if you enter JUBILEE25 at the checkout, and Wallpaper Rose are offering 20% off with the code JUBILEE!

Have a great jubilee weekend (I'd love it if you Tweeted me pictures of what you get up to, I don't live on a street so I can't really have a street party), and God Save The Queen. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Weekly Love: Week 104

This week, if anything has been a lovely and hot one which has made my first week back in the countryside for the Summer particularly lovely. It has also been my first real week working on the PR and Marketing for Pilgrims Nook Holiday Cottages, our family business which I have been doing on the side since this time last year. This has meant lots of battling with the internet to get our email addresses configured, sitting in the sun doing research, running around finding content for our blog (I like this bit, it usually involved reviewing restaurants, one of my all time favourite activities!), welcoming guests, attending events and I think later this morning I'm going to be spending my time talking about weddings, and this afternoon I'm going to be shooting some jubilee themed images in the cottages for the website too. 
1. Reviewing The Duke William pub in Ickham for the Pilgrims Nook Holiday Cottages blog. | 2. A little preview of my next 'Weekly Polish' on The Glossy Guide; I'm totally in love with 'Roll In The Hague' from O.P.I's SS12 Holland Collection. | 3. Amazing, mouthwatering paella (the mussels were incredible) at Williams & Brown in Whitstable (another Pilgrims Nook review excursion I have not posted on the Pilgrims Nook blog yet). | 4. A little reminder, along with 4 other bloggers I have teamed up with the amazing designer resale site Vestiaire Collective so you can win up to £500 to spend on their site! | 5. Inside 'The Squire' at Pilgrims Nook | 6. Delicious brownies and ifabbo coloured mini cupcakes at the ifabbo London Bloggers Conference

Finally, who here is on Pose? I heard about it from its co founder at the iFabbo Conference, and it has turned into one of my favourite social media sites - be sure to add me and leave your username in the comments!

What have you been enjoying this week?