Monday, 25 June 2012

Outfit Post: One Of The Most Beautiful Views In Europe

To kick off the posts of photos I have planned from my lovely and relaxing trip to France I arrived back from yesterday, I wanted to share with you my favourite place I visited called Cap Frehel, which is one of the Northern most points in Brittany, where on a clear day you can see the Channel Islands across the ocean and a place that puts the phrase 'place of outstanding natural beauty' totally to shame. 
A while ago the guys at AB Aeterno sent me this beautiful wooden watch that is such a work of craftsmanship out of an already beautiful natural product it seemed appropriate that my trip to such an incredible place was to be its first outing. 
Sunglasses: c/o Breo, Necklace: Tiffany & Co., Shirt: c/o Volcom, Top: H&M, Watch: c/o AB Aeterno, Skirt: Zara, Nail Polish: Essie 'Navigate Her'
It had been such a long time since I had seen somewhere where the sea was so beautifully crystal clear and blue that I just wanted to go for a swim in it, and cliffs so full of natural detail that it hits you that no man has at all interfered with the sight. Aside from the day spent traveling plugged into my iPod and a day at home spent just walking down the deserted French country lanes and going to the supermarket to stock the fridge it was really my first day I can remember in a very long time where I was totally cut off from the world, calm, collected and wandering the cliff tops letting the light breeze blow through my hair and the sun (that would turn me as red as a lobster as the day progressed) play on my skin in such an incredible place, really made me think how suppressed, mentally and creatively for example being so reliant on technology makes us. I photographed a striking visual of a white sailed boat meandering its way around an outcrop of rocks and I thought that I would love to paint the scene, then I realised that I had not picked up a brush in years. 
Aside from the stunning views the cliff face also served as the home to some beautiful sea birds and some surprisingly hardy rockery plants (that I was surprised could even survive out there) that you see in tiny pots in the garden centre sometimes, but never out in the wild spanning as far as your eye can see. The trip up to Cap Frehel made me feel so incredible calm and at peace in only just a few hours (I'm pretty sure that I could have had just a one day holiday and just gone there and still felt the same restorative effects I did at the end of my trip) reminded me how much we take the things we already have around us for granted when we are so concerned with technology and man made entities and locations. Cap Frehel is about an hour and a half drive away from my French home, but I know there are beautiful places like it in Kent that I take for granted. I urge you all to take an afternoon off, leave your phones, laptops and iPods behind, grab some friends or family and explore what is probably right underneath your nose.


  1. This place does look incredible. I love nothing more than walking about the ruins at Curium in Cyprus whenever I go to my parents' house over there x

  2. Well you've made me really jealous now! I loved Cyprus when I went there, as well as that whole area of the Mediterranean!

  3. Beautiful! I loved this place, definitely on my list of vacation spots.

  4. beautiful photographs! i can imagine sitting there for hours just taking in the view.

  5. This place looks absolutely gorgeous! You're so lucky to be able to get away to a place like this for a break.

  6. amazing pictures, it all looks so beautiful there

  7. Aha, sorry! Cyprus is such a gorgeous country which means it really annoys me when people just think of it as being Napa!

  8. Gorgeousness!! You're wonderful!

    I follow you Now <3

  9. Sirens and Bells25 June 2012 at 19:23

    The views look absolutely beautiful x
    Sirens and Bells

  10. OMG, that watch is incredible. It immediately stood out for me when I saw those pictures. Also, can I be where you are? The view looks incredible!

    And new disquis won't let me share my blog. But you know who I am anyway, right?

  11. I love that skirt and I completely agree, it is so nice when you can just switch off from everything!

    Maria xxx