Sunday, 1 July 2012

Outfit Post: Summer Casual

I don't know what it is, but from my very first trip to Brittany about four years ago I discovered the amazing quality of the light there that just made everything seem brighter, more beautiful and I really understood why for centuries first artists and sculptors, now photographers and every other type of creative mind flocks to the region. I take some of my best photos there, do my best drawings and some of my best writing there; and with these casual snapshots my mother took of me outside our house on the first day of our holiday I can see that the same magic stands true on the colours and light of my outfit photos too. 
Sunglasses: c/o Breo, Shirt: c/o Volcom, Necklace: Tiffany & Co., Dress: H&M, Watch: Citizen, Nail Polish: Essie 'Navigate Her' 

Running PR at a luxury holiday cottage company and interacting with almost every single guest that comes to stay, while I'm not really a self catering person myself, preferring to explore different hotels or cruise ships on my travels, I know that the first thing most people do when they arrive is head to the supermarket for supplies. While the French house is my own home as we are not there all the time, we only have dry supplies and still need to, on the first day head off to the big supermarket in Combourg, the nearest town. For this, as well as the Volcom shirt I practically have been living in since they sent it to me I chose this simple Summer jersey dress from H&M last Summer which I really wish they had reproduced in different colours this year as they do with some of their other seasonal favourites as it is such a flattering shape, has lasted a stupid number of washes and was an incredible steal at about £16.
Something I really noticed on my walk around the deserted country lanes surrounding our rural home that I had not before, are the stunning pink purple wild foxgloves that have sprouted up in all the banks and hedgerows adding wonderful bursts of colour in the otherwise usually green landscape. Not to say the landscape is boring by any means.  
One of my favourite views on our usual route is this haunting road through the trees before we hit open fields which is just as poignant in Summer as it was a couple of Winters ago when I first pictured it.

I always find I am at my most relaxed when I am in Brittany, any time of the year. Is there anywhere you like to go to simply just escape from life for a few days?


  1. Oh wow that lost shot is gorgeous! It does look like the loveliest place. I never get out into the countryside, maybe I should - although I'm convinced that the Australian countryside just isn't as green as this.

  2. You really should, just to see what is out there! From my friends photos, your countryside is a little more desert adjusted.

  3. It truly is a beautiful place, and I definitely see what you mean about the quality of light! I find that the place I'm most relaxed, despite my family stressing me out, is again my parents' house in Cyprus! x

  4. I've never been to Brittany, and I am sure it nothing like home, but I also take my best pictures there! Must be a French thing... ; )

  5. I suppose all French style bloggers have great photos. Thinking of it, as to the Californian ones - this bodes rather well for me! (I think anywhere with palm trees basically!)

    And you must come to Brittany. ROAD TRIP NEXT SUMMER.

  6. Megan Thomsett1 July 2012 at 14:28

    Foxgloves are so pretty :) xxx

  7. That volcom shirt really does look amazing with everything. Right, I need to go to Brittany. I looks amazing and so beautiful.

  8. I know exactly what you mean there is something so magiacal about Brittany! I love the French attitudes towards food, fashion and art- its such a great country! I love your outfit in these photos :) you have great taste! Xx

  9. As I said to Elodie, ROAD TRIP NEXT SUMMER.

  10. You look lovely, very relaxed!

    Maria xxx

  11. I always love a jeans shirt layered over a summer dress. You look lovely in these colors!