Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer Print Dresses at Oasis

There are some trends, like all white, or print jeans which I absolutely love and think look amazing, but I know that they look absolutely awful on me, because they either don't suit my body shape or they really don't suit my personality. One of the current trends I've fallen in love with and wish I could wear, but I know it is a really bad idea if I did, is bright and bold prints. On tall girls, they look fantastic. The nearest I have safely managed to get to prints this Summer is my cream palm print dress that I don't know what I would do without. 

I was looking at some of the Oasis dresses at House of Fraser recently, and as they have some amazing styles that are great value for money now that most of them are in the sale, I really wish I could consider wearing some of them...

My favourite from this much is this first mirrored print dress which I think is gorgeous, but as both white based and print heavy I know would be a total disaster on me. If anyone has it and has blogged about it, I'd love you to link me to the post so I can see how you styled it, though! Another favourite of mine is the hummingbird print, which I think would look amazing on someone tall, blond and with an overflowing and bubbly personality!

Which Summer trend do you absolutely love but you just know that you would not be able to pull off?

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  1. i love the first dress, and also i like the baroque prints trend too. maybe the all white trends are hard to pull off w my frame, i will look like a can drink. xx
    the nuliya

  2. I blogged my favourite Oasis sale picks last night and put that lovely purple one in :) They always have the prettiest dresses in Oasis but I'm usually too small-busted to do them justice! x