Thursday, 30 August 2012

Atterley Road: My New Favourite Online Shopping Destination

Usually I'm not a fan of shopping online, I like to try things on to be sure of the fit, and anyway, the before now the only online store I found pleasurable to browse is Net-A-Porter, and my bank balance is not that endless! However, when it comes to brands I love, and own so many pieces of clothing from I can really be sure of the size, I sometime wish their e-commerce sites were not so complicated (I'm looking at you Whistles) or boring. Now, though I've come across a beautiful and amazing new shopping site which houses a carefully curated collection of some of my favourite brands such as Whistles, Hobbs and Hobbs's diffusion line NW3, as well as some brands I really ought to look at more such as Farhi and Petite Bateau: Atterley Road.
Whistles Biker Jacket: £295, Whistles Animal Print Scarf: £45, NW3 Striped Tee: £39, Whistles Striped Tee: £45, Petite Bateau Breton: £65, Whistles Button Print Scarf: £55, NW3 Jumper: £85

These are my picks from the current collection on the website, of course heavily featuring picks from my two favourite British brands! I know I have been going on about how Breton stripes are perfect for Summer, but who have I been kidding? Breton stripes are a must, and a very important wardrobe staple all year round, so these are my current picks. Well, picks and indulgences; you may have noticed the NW3 number in Tuesdays outfit post, as I could not help but treat myself to it when I was shopping in the Hobbs Bluewater store the other week. Speaking of Bluewater, I was sad to see Whistles has made their store there a lot smaller, which meant I did not get to take a shifty at these wonderfully printed scarves Atterley Road have in stock; how cute and adorable is the black and cream button print number?

Something else that is pretty awesome about the site, which I think both will and won't be very good for my bank balance, is that with every purchase you make your account will earn points, 100 points equalling £1 off of your next order - for example, if you were to purchase this Whistles jacket you'll earn 295 points, which is already £2 off of your next order - you basically earn a point for every pound you spend - amazing, huh?

I urge you all to head over and check out Atterley Road for yourselves, unlike shopping in your average online store, the collection is wonderfully and thoughtfully curated to coordinate, so it is more like shopping in a little boutique in Notting Hill, but you can stay curled up on your sofa doing it instead! 


  1. I adore that scarf.

  2. I was only aware of two other sites that stocked whistles: asos and John Lewis! I am completely in love with the whistles biker jacket, out of stock in my size tho, gonna check out this site

  3. I love this site. Too many clothes I want (loving the dresses - can Atterley Road come and choose my wardrobe?)

  4. Great site and loving the edited collection. Right up my street! Some retail therapy on a rainy Saturday me thinks

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