Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Introducing: Jones Loves Styling, A Fantastic New Styling Concept

It is not often I receive a Press Release and it actually gets me excited about the product, but I think I may have just found out about one of the most unique online personal styling services on the internet. Meet Holly Ryland-Jones, a stylist with experience at Vogue, Alexander McQueen, Zara, and my personal favourite, Selfridges. Now, get introduced to Jones Loves Styling, her new online service where you get a box of goodies and a guide full of styling options she has picked out for you, be it for a special occasion, a holiday or a capsule wardrobe through the post (we all love receiving parcels, even if its stuff we've ordered ourselves!)
Holly Ryland-Jones
Her USB sticks of links and style guide of looks are pretty easy to use, well put together and comprehensive (she sent me a sample of one she did when she was putting together a capsule wardrobe for a client). That is the styling service you are paying for, but what you'll also get in your beautiful box is a copy of a recent fashion glossy like Vogue to flick through, a Jones Loves Styling notepad (which she also sent me, and is so wonderful, black, chic and handbag sized. I'm usually a die hard Moleskine girl, but I will be using this one!) and a Diptyque candle. What girl does not want to receive a Diptyque candle through the post?  
The Package
"I decided to start the service because I've always wanted to start my own business... and after gaining experience is several areas of fashion, a break travelling around India and a course in Personal Styling at LCF I decided it was time. The concept came to me because on many occasion I have sourced items online for friends and family and seemed to find them the perfect solution. Looking at traditional methods of Personal Shopping, I realised for many women this just wasn't an option due to them either lacking in time (not many people like to shop in their own precious time on a busy Saturday!) or lacking in self-confidence to visit the shops with a stranger in a somewhat personal situation. Therefore, I do all the sourcing without them having to be there and they simply have to click and buy if they like the options. If they want they can speak to me in person, if not I can keep it to email. It's up to them."

All you have to do to use the service is give Holly a call or shoot her an email to discuss what you want. You can purchase packages (a complete capsule wardrobe of about 30 items costs £375, a holiday wardrobe for £245, a business trip for £225 or three outfit options for a special occasion for £175), or just ask her about sourcing a particular item or outfit. To begin with she'll ask you to fill out a questionare and send her a face and a full body photo of yourself she can work from, and your box will arrive on your doorstep or at your office within the week!  She'll follow up later on once you've made your purchases either over coffee or over the phone to check you're happy with what she has picked out for you. Also, to celebrate her launch, Holly is offering 20% off all her packages, if you have a special occasion or trip coming up you need help dressing for!

I love putting my wardrobe together ans styling looks, but I know not everyone does, and even I at times feel like I wish I could just get someone else to do it for me - would you use a service like this, or do you prefer to do all of your own clothes shopping and styling yourself? 



  2. Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. What a brilliant idea!!! Love your blog btw

  3. This is an incredible idea! And something that's really useful to have!

  4. What a cool idea!

    xo Jennifer

  5. This sounds like a really cool idea - the items she picked out for you definitely sound amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments! It's so lovely to hear when you're setting out on your own x