Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Outfit Post: New In Ash Wedge Trainers & NW3 Stripes

Like it or not, it is almost September and Autumn is almost upon us. This means, my what is turning into anual trip to Bluewater to build the foundations of my Autumn/ Winter wardrobe with my mother. This year, things were a bit different. First things first, I drove. This time last year I did not have a driving licence, it was the day I'd got my A Level results, but this years trip marked the first time I'd ever driven on a motorway. Needless to say, I'm very proud of myself! Also, rather than stocking up on  my beloved knitted dresses to deal with an English Winter, looked for basics that are versatile enough to suit me in the much warmer LA climate.
NW3 by Hobbs
Necklace: Hobbs, Striped Top: NW3, Jeans: Whistles (£/$)
Hobbs NW3
Obviously this look would not be complete without the beautiful jewelled statement neckless at picked up for £1 at a Hobbs sample sale in Shoreditch last Winter and I have rarely been without since. I made my mind up I was going to buy the NW3 top when I saw it in Hobbs, because it is the perfect cut, shape and style to act as a replacement for this tee I picked up in H&M for £7.99 Summer before last, wore half to death and is not starting to look a little threadbare. It is also awesome as it is a quality upgrade, from one of my all time favourite brands and its beautiful cream makes the Breton stripe all so more awesome for Autumn/ Winter. 

These wedge trainers from Ash were not actually a Bluewater find; the team at the shoe site Spartoo were kind enough to hook me up with them when they got them back in stock, when I mentioned how I've actually been after a pair since last Winter when they were practically sold out in a size 5 all over London. They are both super practical, and super comfortable and I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of them across the pond! 
Finally, the beauty in this look. My hair is an absolute mess and it is back to its natural 'mouse' colour (I've been stringing my next colour out as long as I can before I leave, but I'm off to see my stylist tomorrow afternoon), and it is a little worse for wear. I can really tell you that Moroccanoil works, because since I've stopped using it the last month and have been using Mythic Oil in an attempt not to open my new travel sized Moroccanoil bottle before I get to Los Angeles, my hair has in no way been as healthy or glossy as I've become accustomed to without it. As for my lips, it never seems to look pink in outfit photos, though it looked awesome with this outfit in the flesh, I'm wearing MAC's fantastically bright Amplified lip shade 'Impassioned'

What is your absolute go to wardrobe style or colour, which never fails you? (In case you had not noticed by now, maybe from this post, this post, this post or this post, mine is blue and white stripes!)

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  1. Yay for stripes! My default outfit is a striped top and skirt/trousers as well so I am totally loving your fall investments in your winter wardrobe. The necklace completes the top perfectly, maybe I should be a little more brave and go for a necklace like this. When it comes to accessories (and clothing in general), I can hadrly ever step a foot out of my usual lane. Be brave my heart, I will try the big necklace. xx

  2. Do, just go for it! I was always wary of out there accessories like statement necklaces too, but this one was only £1 at a sample sale, one of the Hobbs girls was trying to talk me into it and I thought what the hell - best decision I have ever made. I now LOVE statement necklaces, I own quite a few and I find they really add a lot to an outfit!

  3. You look really plished but casual because of the shoes...I loooooove the necklace, it makes the outfit totally different!!!! :)


  4. Gorgeous outfit, i love the stripes & those trainers are amazing!

    Kate x

  5. I can't believe you managed to get that amaaazing necklace for only a quid. That is seriously awesome. So jealous right now!

  6. I know! But at the same time, parts of my wish I had not - it retailed at about £80, and I don't want to shell out on something like it again for that much, but because I'm used to this one, the not so great quality drives me crazy on cheaper versions!

  7. The wedge trainers are amazing!!! Major love for them.

  8. They are looking forward to their first proper outing to come and see you tomorrow! (Well, if my limp gets better... long story!)

  9. Sirens and Bells28 August 2012 at 12:49

    Love that top, breton stripes are always fantastic. I imagine you're very excited about the LA move now, it's not long until you move is it? I think I might have to pick up some Moroccanoil, my hair needs nourishing! I think my absolute go to is skinny jeans, I'm not restricted in what activity I do in them and they are so easy to style for me - I walk everywhere, so wearing dresses & skirts all the time doesn't work for me. I'm also quite obsessed with the colour navy, it's perfect! x
    Sirens and Bells

  10. I'm leaving in 10 days - I really can't wait!

  11. You are so pretty! I love the necklace, it really makes the outfit look girly even though you have sporty shoes on

  12. nice outfit!

  13. You look very pretty and I love your stripes top and sneakers

  14. Pink Peppercorn and Paprika29 August 2012 at 02:22

    great outfit. I love the play on sporty/girly. black & white and navy & white stripes are my absolute go-to's. truthfully, i love any stripe really!

  15. Love the pop of red lips with this outfit. Thanks for stopping by the other day. :)


  16. Lovely outfit, my dear!
    You have a pretty face!

    P.S. Feel free to visit my blog, let me knowwhat you think of it and if you'd like we can follow each otheron GFC.

  17. Great wedges :) :)


  18. i think blue & white stripes might just be my wardrobe go-to as well - i think on my last count i owned over 12 breton style tops! that or a leather jacket :)

  19. Love your top. Stripes is always a favorite.:)

  20. gorgeous necklace love the stripes too.
    I can't stop buying stripey tops!


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