Friday, 3 August 2012

Weekly Love: Week 111

How amazing was the Olympic Opening Ceremony? I settled down to watch it after an afternoon sunbathing and barbecuing on the beach, and it really made me proud to be British. I have not caught much of the games, not being one to watch sport of television, but I hope to catch some of the Rowing finals, especially the Mens Eight, as I always enjoy a bit of my old sport! I hope everyone has had a great week - I'm getting ready for my leaving party tomorrow - lots of cooking and baking involved, which I love!
1. A little outfit post preview featuring a beautiful Ness & Pepper silk scarf. | 2. Barbecuing on the beach. | 3. My new favourite Yves Saint Laurent Gold nail polish, such an amazing formula. | 4. Sunbathing and chilling on the beach in the two tone sunglasses the guys at Breo sent me, and my Figleaves bikini. | 5. A round up of my favourite July products on The Glossy Guide. | 6. Homemade Kung Po Chicken.

Also this week, as I have done the last couple of weeks I've been sharing some of my beauty tips along with some of my fellow bloggers and the Grazia Beauty Editors over at Grazia Daily; this week, my must have beauty product for the week! Also, another quick reminder if you have not already done so, that I would really appreciate your vote in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards where my beauty blog The Glossy Guide is nominated for Best New Beauty Blog! 

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. ysl nail polish look very pretty

  2. I've loved Esther Walker's blog for such a long time, her honesty over how a recipe actually turns out never fails to make me laugh! Those infused vodka sound pretty amazing too...

  3. That kung po looks so tasty! The acne and blogging links were really helpful, thank you. Hope your leaving party goes well, you must be so excited for LA! xx

  4. Girl, I think we all secretly want LC's new beauty book. But in our defense I heard it's really good!
    xx, micol

  5. I completely love both of your blogs, there such a huge inspiration for me and I love so much that your now going to be living in LA. Its my childhood dream, so very jealous! I really want to start my own blog filled with lots of inspiration and motivating images for myself. I was just wondering how you went about designing and creating your blogs? What blogging platform did you use? Thank you for being such an inspiration:)

  6. Living in LA was my childhood dream too - I simply can't believe it is happening! And I'm glad you enjoy both blogs!

    I use Blogger, as I found I could control my layout by designing my own graphic elements like the header and the sidebar, without having to learn how to code them too as I would have done with Wordpress to some extent!

  7. Hey there Rachel!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog the other day :) Since you requested a review of StyleMint shirts, I made a little video review! I hope you get a chance to see it and like it.
    If there's anything I didn't cover in the video that you're interested about, feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Congratulations on moving to LA!
    Where to begin even describing's so much excitement and wonderfulness all located in the ever beautiful California. Even though I don't live there myself, I have been there numerous times. It is honestly just so mindboggling!

    These are some really marvelous links you provided us with!
    I'll confess that I opened pretty much all of them up...I'm not regretting that though :)
    thanks for sharing these amazing things, as well as for sharing your awesome pictures.
    That YSL gold nail polish looks absolutely stunning. I must have it!
    And those pictures of the food...yum!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy your leaving party!

    The Ace of Hearts

  8. I agree, the opening ceremony was amazing. I haven't seen much of the Olympics either. OMG, I can't believe Jessica from True Blood has a blog. I'm loving it right now.

  9. Erm, Rachel, how did I not know you had a beauty blog!? Love it. Booking my London trip soon, so excited! Will have to keep you updated on my food choices! X


  10. rachel, i think you're the best person to ask! how do you make your header text (made on paint/word?) non-pixelation or distorted? i cant do it!

  11. I'm afraid I do it in Photoshop - sorry!

  12. Danielle Giannandrea6 August 2012 at 06:07

    Hi Rachel! I love the gold YSL nail polish! Your posts alway inspire me and give me such great ideas. Love your blog! : )
    Danielle xo

  13. Ohh I definitely want a copy of Lauren Conrad's new book - her makup blog is awesome - possibly the only celebrity blog I read!

  14. isabella eclairesova6 August 2012 at 23:24

    This is so inspiring, you really know what you're doing :)


  15. Thank you, I'm glad you've been enjoying it!

  16. Love the photo collage. The scarf, nail polish and cosmetics is my happiness and the food makes me hungry.:)

    Thanks for visiting. I'm a new follower thru bloglovin and gfc.:)