Friday, 17 August 2012

Weekly Love: Week 113

The highlight of the London Closing Ceremony for me has to be our two most senior politicians, Boris Johnson and David Cameron rocking out to the Spice Girls. In other great British news, there is a Downton Abbey Season 3 trailer out. My week basically has been the same as always, but with a few added niceties included so that I could spend more time with my family before I leave, including some fantastic meals out (see pictures below), some time spent in our local pub and another trip to the cinema to see the Batman film (I only go to the cinema about three or four times a year, so going two weeks in a row is a bit of a novelty for me!) I have so much love for Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman right now!
1. Messing around in the car with my Dad's new Android phone. Upset he does not even know to use a Smartphone, and he now has a better phone than me, but while I look forward to my iPhone next month I can at least play with his! This is the picture he gets on screen when I call. I went a bit wild with it, if the house phone calls him her gets a photo of our house, and if my Mum calls from her car, a photo of her car on screen! (Geek out over.) | 2. I usually don't eat in chain restaurants, but from this moment onwards I am going to make an exception for Carluccio's - these mussels and clams steamed in white wine, parsley and chilli were perfectly cooked and simply divine. | 3. My August Glossybox arrives, The International Superstars edition and I think it was one of their best yet. There are two products in there I am already obsessed with, Lipcote and DHC's incredible Deep Cleansing Oil. | 4. Home grown vegetables. | 5. Homemade bruchetta made with said home grown tomatoes. | 6. Carluccio's Antipasti Platter.

As you probably have already noticed, I've made some design changes to the site recently, including a new About Me page, linking to a few new other pages; Blogs I Read, Where I Shop and FAQ's. If there are any questions you'd like me to answer in the FAQ's either leave them in the comments section or drop me an email!

Finally, another quick reminder if you have not already voted that The Glossy Guide, my beauty blog has been nominated for 'Best New Beauty Blog' in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, and I'd really appreciate your vote! Also, I've got a couple of reviews I wrote for some historical novels over at Judging Covers online this week; A Dangerous Inheritance by Alison Weir and The King's Daughter by Christie Dickason - both fantastic books that I'd really recommend if you're looking for a good read!

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for this weekend?


  1. Love the photos! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Newest follower!


    Leopard and Lillies

  2. I loove your weekly love posts, it is great to see what people are up to on such a detailed scale. (And may I add my mum is in love with your face? Haha! That first photo of yours showed up on my Facebook wall when you uploaded it and she was next to me when I was checking my messages. You have a fan over here.)

    The posts about terms and blog comments are SO true. It is a bit annoying to see a comment saying 'love your blog! follow me?' and then a link underneath. Why are we obliged to follow someone just because they took 3 seconds of their lives to link their blog on our pages? Makes no sense. (And I actually had 'unfollowers' because I didn't follow them back. Someone sprinkle some sense over the blogging world please?)

    By the way, I'm going to Russia this weekend and I guess I'll be using your tips for packing and flights. Aww yes.

  3. Haha! I love the pictures you added to your dad's phone!!
    Your weekly love next week will hopefully involve myself and Elodie!

  4. Haha sounds like you had fun with your dad's new phone. That bruschetta bread looks amazing too!

  5. Stay tuned, as I'm going to be posting the recipe for it soon!

  6. Aww, thank you - and I'd love to hear some feedback on how useful the tips were - enjoy Russia - I have not been for a while, but it is an incredible country with some great architecture!

    And I know, right? Those comments annoy the hell out of me!

  7. Congratulations for being nominated! You also makes me hungry in all food that you post. LOVE the look of your blog.

    Hope you can visit again mine sometime.:)

  8. The food looks amazing! I've only ever been to Carluccio's once and it was delicious. An antipasti platter is one of my fave things to get anywhere, anytime!
    Good luck with the Cosmo award!!

  9. Boris was truly the highlight of Sunday evening!

  10. Hiya Rachel!
    I came across your blog a little while back after you visited and left a comment on mine. Since you were interested in getting a review on StyleMint, I ended up making a video that I hope you got a chance to see!
    In my first comment (maybe two weeks ago or so), I rambled on and on for a bit about the awesome stuff in your photos and then let you know about my review video. Unfortunately, my comment somehow never made it onto your blog! :( I hope that you still got a chance to see what I said though!

    That food looks so delicious!
    I've never heard of Carluccio's (is it even in the US?) but that antipasti plate looks yummy!
    As for the homegrown vegetables and homemade bruschetta, all food tastes better when you grow/make it yourself :D

    Not to totally creep on your conversation with Dizzy or anything but I HATE when people do the "a follow for a follow" thing. If you like my blog, then follow it. If you don't like it, don't follow it. If I like your blog, I follow it. If I don't, then I don't follow it.
    Things are as simple as that.
    Okay, no more ranting for me now!

    Oh and before I end this insanely long comment, just a few more things.
    I am ecstatic that Rumi Neely's close got Coveteured! She has the coolest things!
    Also, thanks for all the other links you shared. I took a look at the one about Miley Cyrus' new haircut and I adored it!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    I'm looking forward to many more awesome posts from you :D

    The Ace of Hearts

  11. Hi Alice I did get your video, my comment saying thank you on that post must not have gone through! (I've been having issues with my internet connection recently!)

    I know I have a few issues with my comment system, I love DISQUS and it has more positives than negatives, but sometimes comments don't show (especially if they were made using a mobile device) but I still get the comments that don't get through on my Blackberry, so I did read your comment!

    Carluccio's is a British chain, and while I usually would never recommend a chain restaurant, if you're ever over here I would really recommend a meal there!

    And I know, I follow you, follow me back comments annoy me no end - unless they've written something particularly thoughtful before that tag, I delight in sending them straight to spam.

  12. The food looks yumm! And I can't wait untill they have a glossybox in Belgium! :)

    The White Studio

  13. Oh Gosh. I am on a diet but your blog had ruined my plan ;)

  14. I LOVED Rumi's Coveteure feature too!

  15. when are you arriving in LA? please let me know dear x

  16. On the 7th, it would be lovely to meet up x

  17. Love your blog, thanks for stopping by! I am definitely following!!

  18. goldenwhite decor18 August 2012 at 23:58

    mmmm that brochette looks mouthwatering! mm mm good!!!!!! Hugs from California! xx,

    The Golden Girls

  19. These photos are so beautiful and clear! All the food looks so good and healthy. I'm loving these links, too - I had no idea Rumi Neely's home was on The Coveteur! Thanks for that.

    - Shannon

  20. What's not to love here,honey!WOW!Amazing!;)

  21. Great pictures! I receive my Glossybox this week, can't wait!