Monday, 29 October 2012

Outfit Post: Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

For this Sunday's excursion, my fellow Brit abroad Rachel and I (it is shocking how many friends I have called Rachel) decided to head over to Beverly Hills and check out the famous Los Angeles County Museum Of Art, commonly known as LACMA. Obviously, our first stop was to take some photos in and around Chris Burden's iconic 'Urban Light' installation outside the museum. I'm pretty sure it has been in every movie set in Los Angeles I've ever seen, and it is just as awesome in real life - I can't wait to see what it looks like lit up!
Blue Dot Oxford Shirt: Gap (UK/US), Oxblood Chino Shorts: J.Crew (UK/US), Sunglasses: Breo, Handbag: Hobbs, Sandals: c/o Havaianas
DSC_0556 lacmacolumns
The installation is made out of vintage lamp posts from around the local Los Angeles area. Chris Burden also has another awesome, mini LA like city instillation with moving electric cars that is pretty epic! 
DSC_0540 DSC_0570 warhol
There was lots of familiar art in the gallery for me, but I've studied art, art history and photography, so that was a given. However, I think this little Andy Warhol number is something that I think you'll all recognise!  
While we were looking out at Hollywood and Beverly Hills from the observation platform, while I have become rather used to seeing it in the distance whenever I head to the North West part of Los Angeles, I realised that I had not yet posted a picture of the Hollywood Sign - a little bit of a blogger faux par! 
Because every art museum or gallery should have a giant boulder suspended above a public walkway. 

I loved LACMA, and not just because I'm an arty person who naturally enjoys galleries; there is so much cool modern art, sculptures and installations to interest and intrigue someone who is not really a gallery hopper, and this is going to be one of the places I take friends from England to visit when they come to LA - especially as it is just a short walk to The Original Farmers Market (more on that soon) where there are so many delicious places to grab lunch - just like we did!


  1. Omg, the view is incredible. And love your shorts! They're an amazing colour.

  2. Can't believe you're still wearing shorts out there. I'm in Athens and the weather has already started to turn! LACMA looks great! I wish we'd gone when we were out there. Our cultural side of the LA trip was the La Brea Tar Pits.

    Maria xx

  3. Love your chic and understated outfit!! Just to let you know, it's snowing here in Austria!! So I'm slightly jealous! ;)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  4. Great pictures. There's something about LA that I find so appealing, definitely want to visit it one day. Love the outfit!

  5. You look great, LA suits you :)

  6. I've seen the lamp post exhibit in movies! So cool! Love your outfit! Wish it was still warm enough here for shorts!

  7. Wel, the weather did start to turn actually, but then it decided to change back. The turn was very subtle, though: Los Angeles does not really 'do' weather!

    And I might go back to the tar pits over the next few weeks - they are right next to LACMA, and they looked fascinating, the Paige Museum too!

  8. Love your outfit ♥ You look gorgeous, and the pictures are amazing!

  9. That looks like the perfect weekend trip! Loving the outfit, and the gorgeous museum! I'll have to stop there next time I find myself in L.A.

  10. Caitie Schlisserman30 October 2012 03:05

    I still haven't made it over there yet! It's on my list! looks like fun. xx

  11. That gigantic rock looks terrifying, I would hesitate walking under that monstrosity. Yet how lovely you look! It's much colder here now so it's fun to see you in maroon shorts under all that sun. You look properly Californian. (And I wish I had your legs, sigh.)

  12. You should see my legs when they have not been in the Californian sun! I think the tan is working an optical illusion to make the look okay..!

  13. You look so LA! Love those shorts, they are super cute. I always struggle to feel stylish in hot weather, so I might have to take inspiration from your LA looks next time the sun comes out!

  14. I'm still so jealous, you look like you're having the time of your life. This sounds like the PERFECT way to spend a Sunday! x

  15. Haha! I love the suspended boulder over the walk-way!oh, and great outfit!