Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Home Inspiration: Jewellery Storage

As far as accessorising is concerned, I never used to be one for jewellery - I barely owned any, but what I did own were small, classic pieces which I am pretty sure that I will own for ever. Then I discovered the joy that were statement necklaces, and my collection exploded. I gained so many cool finds that jumped out at me, both fashion pieces and some more classic finds that will look good with practically everything season after season. As my new 'thing' seems to be picking up unusual things at flea markets, I decided to turn to The Coveteur for a bit of inspiration unique ways to store and display my ever expanding collection in style.
statement display
I own quite a few statement necklaces, but the one that sparked it all, the white jewel bib I picked up at a Hobbs sample sale for £1 which has been featured in countless of my outfit posts remains my all time favourite, and I love the idea of having a necklace display bust on my dresser so it can take pride of place. 
Mary_Kate_Steinmiller-12-full necklace tree
I actually have a necklace tree on my dressing table at my parents house in England. It was originally a silver chrome utensil tree I rescued from the masses of packaging we threw when we first kitted out the kitchens in the holiday cottages at the end of Spring when we were getting ready for our opening.
Nevena_Borissova-04-full floral necklace
Forget a display stand for your favourite statement jewels, just hand them over your flower vases to bring an extra bit of flair and sparkle to your every day surroundings - this one I am going to try!
J jar jewel display
I just wanted to finish with this amazingly created jar display for natural stone inspired rings and bracelets - what an amazing feature for a side table or mantle, not to forget a talking point when you have guests!

How do you store or display your jewellery? Do you like to keep it all organised away, or out for the world to see? Does anyone do anything particularly unique like store their rings in jars of sand?(!)

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  1. All of my jewellery is hanging on a heart shaped wire frame but it does get tangled, some fab ideas here though!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love your storage... I've always wanted a bust like that but I don't have enough space. Right now I use a jewelry tree, a few glass bowls, and store the jewelry I don't wear often in a jewelry box.

    xo, alison*elle

  3. I love the drawer with drawer dividers for jewellery! If I had more space I would definitely love to do this!