Monday, 12 November 2012

Improve Your Photography Skills With The Guardians Free Guide & Their Photography Masterclass

One of the most popular questions readers always have for me, which I always have the most problems answering, is how I get my photographs on my blog so clear and sharp. Is it the camera I use? Have I invested in any particular gadgets or am I super skilled in Photoshop? Well, I do have a big DSLR camera, and I do use photoshop on a few of my images, but I don't feel I am able to give hints, tips and tutorials on how to get the perfect shot, because I've always been a photographer; I know what works for me and I just do it automatically. I know I'd be hopeless at teaching a photography class as I'm not sure I could explain what I was doing. Also, I'm pretty sure I've developed hundreds of dreadful habits that should not be passed on!
Image via The Guardian

I may not be much use advising people as to their photography skills, but if you pick up the Saturday edition of  The Guardian newspaper you'll find a free 84 page photography guide with hints and tips to improve your camera work from the photography experts at The Guardian and The Observer including their Head of Photography Roger Tooth, award winning photographer Dan Chung and photography critic Sean O'Hagen.

As well as lots of hints and tips, the guide also contains seven masterclasses, each with a reader assignment where you can send your 'homework' into to be in with a chance of winning a place on a Guardian Photography Masterclass of your choice, which, by the way sounds pretty awesome! Unfortunately as The Guardian is a British newspaper, this is open to my readers living in the United Kingdom only - sorry!

What do you think of the idea of The Guardian's photography guide and masterclasses? Will you be picking up a copy of Saturday's paper and taking part in the masterclass assignments?

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  1. Need to get on this! I'm definitely going to find their guide for sure.

  2. This sounds amazing but its not in my area! I do want to take photography classes.