Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Shopping List: New Year, New Shoes

As the world did not actually end last week, we in fact only have 5 days left of 2012. As it is Boxing Day today (I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday), while with the dawn of the internet so many of the sales have already started, today is the traditional start of the post Christmas 'January' sales, and as I mentioned in my post on building a 'Sale Hit List', it is time to start thinking about maybe investing in pieces that you'll really need for the year to come, while they are at conveniently reduced prices. For example, I always look for womens boots in the sales, as I usually manage to total and completely wear out the pair I buy at the beginning of Autumn every year before the rainy season is really over.
Photo by Hung C.Tran

There is also something really nice that comes with a new pair of shoes (in spite of the whole nightmare of wearing the things in); that lovely idea of new beginnings that you have, from trying on the pairs in the shop (we walk around in store in shoe to see if they will be suitable for our needs in a way we'd never actually walk around in them in real life, the whole process actually is total madness, but I have no idea how I'd improve it!), to getting home to unwrap your new purchase that still has its pretty, unblemished soles and wonderful new leather smell from its mountain of tissue paper. Really, another way you could have saved money this year would have been to buy a new pair of shoes for yourself before you wrapped any presents; you could have used the excess tissue paper instead of having to buy wrapping paper! But anyway, the shoes are brand new, just for you. 

Aside from looking for boots, you should try and look for other practical styles like court shoes, shoes in neutral colours, or plain sandals left over in the sales from Summer (in the UK anyway, you'll be able to break them out again in a few months, the middle of May, maybe?), and as tempting as it seems, I will repeat the advice I gave in my first sales post on party dresses, but for sparkly and glittery party shoes. They may be pretty, they may be beautiful but unless you know you are in store and have a New Years Eve party to wear them to, or if you are shopping online you know for sure they'll both fit and arrive on time for the party, there is no point buying party shoes at the beginning of the year when party season is over. It is simply smart spending! 

Will you be treating yourself to a brand new pair of shoes for 2013? Or is there a particular pair you're hoping to turn up in your size in the sales?

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  1. I have been on the lookout for a great pair of beige pumps for a while now. Really hoping to find something in the Boxing Day/Week sales. Also, I'm on the lookout for a really fun (and likely impractical) pair of heeled sandals for the spring/summer.

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