Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Outfit Post: Band Of Outsiders (Or, Why You Should Take The Time To Shop At Opening Ceremony)

This blog post is about a skirt. A very beautiful skirt, and a skirt that has joined the ranks of the nicest skirts I own, an exclusive club that before this skirt only my brightly coloured AW12 Whistles skirt boasted membership. Let me tell you the pocket version of the story behind this beautiful number by up and coming Los Angeles design house Band Of Outsiders. My friend Evie, visiting from San Francisco really wanted to visit Opening Ceremony's Los Angeles store, and I really didn't. As awesome as Opening Ceremony is, most of the clothes they sell are way too hipster for my liking, so I really was not fussed about trekking all the way down the dodgy end of La Cienga Boulevard just to look at avent garde and hipster clothes I couldn't afford anyway.
However, as Evie was my guest I gracefully kept my mouth shut (NB. to any of my close friends who may be reading this, I am capable of being tactful occasionally, you know!) and guided her to the store, and while we wandered around most of it, tried not to appear bored (god the store is huge, to me at the time it seemed never ending!). Okay, on the ground floor I discovered that Keds do some quite lovely clothing (how did I never know they did not just make shoes?!) and I coveted a beautiful Sophie Hulme trench that was several hundred dollars out of my budget. On the second floor, I noticed a sale room and thought it could not hurt to look through the racks. First I found a rather lovely Proenza Schouler black dress in my size that was actually reduced to $200 - almost within my price range, and if if had been about $50 dollars cheaper I would have tried it on - what a bargain! It was on the other side of the room my eyes first fell on this masterpiece of tweed. I love tweed skirts, I already own several, and while I fingered the fabric I thought it could not hurt to glance at the size and the price. It was not like I'd be able to afford to consider it, or it would actually fit me, anyway. But, it was a (large) size 1. And only $104, down from $345. After checking out the price conversion on my iPhone (£65 down from about £220) I decided it would not hurt to try it on.
Skirt: Band Of Outsiders, Tee: American Apparel, Necklace: Forever 21, Watch: Citizen, Nail Polish: Essie 'Where's My Chauffeur'

As you can tell, in the fitting room I discovered it fit like a glove, and from that moment on I started to fall in love with the garment. Evie talked me into buying it out loud, but I think I was already doing it in my head. While in England, I would pay that for the skirt in a heartbeat, there is just something about something being over $100, even through I know a dollar is worth less than a pound that just gets me. I clung to it and would not let the shop attendent put it by while we finished browsing, and I smiled all the way home with it. 

As you can see, the very next day I styled it with a loose American Apparel tee and a lovely blue neckless I picked up in Forever 21 when I was having a not so good week at the end of last year, and I felt really really happy in my outfit all day. As those of you who are familiar with the city will no doubt be able to tell, I took these photos in Chris Burden's Urban Light installation outside the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art; the LA fashion bloggers favourite outfit post location. I was there to see the Caravaggio exhibition; it was very good, and I'd recommend it as a good intro to his work, but as there were not many paintings actually by him on display, and only one of his famous ones, I don't think it was worth the $20 entry.  

And the moral of this story is, always take time to look in stores such as Opening Ceremony even if you don't think you're 'hipster' enough to wear their clothing - you might just come away with a total gem! Opening Ceremony have stores in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London.


  1. The skirt does look lovely on you, it has the perfect shape!

    I must admit I walked right past Opening Ceremony in New York when I was there last month, because I knew everything would definitely be out of my price range.

  2. Well, my first thought is that I am going to start frequenting the store in London to check out the sale racks, but then I remembered that they would probably be out of my range, as clothes are generally much cheaper in American than they are in Britain. As much as I adore this skirt, I'm not going to go back to the LA store though, by the dodgy end of La Cienga Boulevard I meant the end with the sex shops, nothing else near it and takes half an hour to walk from the nearest bus stop!

  3. That really is a beautiful skirt! I love the texture, it's like I can feel it trough the photos! I fits you perfectly and I love how you kept it the center of attention in this outfit.


  4. That skirt does fit you perfectly, and I totally get the metal block of liking it for 65 pounds but not $100.