Thursday, 31 January 2013

Outfit Post: The Golden Hour In West Hollywood

There is a time in the late afternoon, just before the sun starts its decent for the night which to the photographer is the best hour of the day; the golden hour. The light is beautiful, 'golden' and it is simply perfect for taking photos in. Obviously, even if we're only wearing something everyday and casual, us bloggers simply can't resist stopping to take some outfit photos, especially if we happen to be strolling down West Hollywood's fashionable 3rd Street on the way back from a bit of shopping at The Grove, at the time!
goldenhour DSC_0311
Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen c/o Sunglasses Shop, Gold Locket: Gift, Striped Tee: N.W.3 by Hobbs, Grey Wool Skirt: J.Crew, Handbag: Hobbs, Sandals: c/o Havianas, Nail Polish: Essie 'Where's My Chauffeur'

I picked up this amazing wool skirt with a pretty (and practically elasticated) waist in the J.Crew sale at the end of last year, and I find it is perfect for the LA days that are lovely and warm, but are still in Winter months such as January where you still want to be wearing something wooly! This is one of my go to class outfits I like to wear when I know I'm going out later on, and I want to wear something a bit nicer than just a tee shirt and black skinny jeans! You will be seeing a lot of (including a special feature) of these sunglasses from Alexander McQueen - they are a total must in the sunshine here and I've been taking them everywhere with me!

When was the last time you had the absolute perfect light for taking photographs?


  1. Golden hour is the best time for taking pictures! I think it's turned into my favourite time of day now for that reason.

  2. Love the jumper and handbag. Holly xx

  3. Rosie Reynolds31 January 2013 15:53

    The last time we had perfect light was....last year. Right now it's unbearably grey! Sobsobsob! So envious of the golden light in these photographs! You look stunning! :)

  4. Early evening is the perfect lighting for photos. I'm doing them just before midday here and I'm loving how bright they come out. Those stripes are looking amazing on you!

  5. Bleugh, imagine the light we'll have in London for outfit pictures next January...

  6. I am so jealous of these gorgeous light, it is so grey and miserable here! :(

    Maria xxx

  7. These a stunning shots Rachel! Yay golden hour!